Structure of caterpillars
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What are the advantages of using caterpillar structure in FPC ﹣ bonding area? Is it possible to achieve single-layer multi-point function? Is it true that all G-sensor structures are caterpillars? I can see that there is no silver paste on the TP edge of the caterpillar structure. Does it mean that the width of the border can be well controlled?* D* p, e. }2 B; z# Y4 z。

Structure of caterpillars

Caterpillar structure refers to ITO pattern or something,. 347459635 published in 2014-7-30 20:59 * T3 a) e. h; X -] $hDoes caterpillar structure refer to ITO pattern or something,/C2 Z: o *?; \ / ~ 7 A9 B4 C means that there are many pin feet in FPC and sensor bonding area, and the whole row is full of pin feet, which is very similar to the shape of caterpillar$ G, a5 e3 O7 S* L; J  L。。。
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