Let's talk about the trend of TP industry
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As a process engineer, I don't feel very good about the trend of TP industry recently, and I am always worried about the future.

Let's talk about the trend of TP industry

I always feel that TP industry can't go far? I'm still young.
maybe I've been OK these years, but what if I lose my job in middle age? What can I do if I change my profession? There are many questions about this series of problems, and they are often distressed.
do you want to jump out of the TP industry and go to other industries? But you don't know what to do? I'm very confused about the future.
maybe I think too much about it myself.
please give some advice to my colleagues who have more research on the trend of TP.
how to solve the doubts in my mind? Now I really want to get out of the TP world, but the experience here is wasted? Just... For guidance, for guidance! Let's talk about our opinions! 5 `+ N. e$ W* r& W0 D2 z&L & {1 P1 m + C & u # M% p.
1 if you want to continue to work in technology, you can make an annual salary of more than 100000 yuan.
if you have some capital and technology, you can start some small businesses.
"s" a + S / ^ 4 A; n & X1?However, it's not easy to mix technology with sales in this industry, and it's convenient to jump to other industries when sales are well done.
T & D3 T4 C3 Z / N M6 s3. Make more friends and contact more relatives.
ask for acquaintances and bring them into other good industries.
3* W9 v( ~0 p5 i.
J( P$ _ 7 w4 f3 i) M+ k5 [# S% s, I  g/ s! D+ t. gGenerally speaking, the first and third points are OK
the TP industry will not have any problems in 20 years.
at least 10 years.
diyprince published in 2014-7-3 11:28 'Q! W) {1 / 2`If you have some capital and skills, you can start small businesses.
1 J! E * {"|)_ 9 {3 ^  o2 or... 4 N1 I #} (c! Y 'x; Y4 M2 wThank you for your valuable advice! 9 E & V1 ^ '\ 8 g * q; e.
Wu Xiaosong published in 2014-7-3 14:266 G B / L. e "G! I + s' R $CThe TP industry has no problem in at least 10 years(I2 K8 y * f / u '[6 h maybe! Now it seems that all industries are in recession, not so easy to do!$ Q% S1 p# }) o  j7 A9 J$ [; P.
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