Supply touch screen TP front function chip (sensor)
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Our company (Huili Tuoqi) specializes in the design and production of mobile phone touch screen TP front sensor function chip.
all interested friends are welcome to purchase! High quality promise! Welcome to evaluate cooperation! .
h; r) B5 o1 M8 dThe company covers an area of 5000 square meters.

Supply touch screen TP front function chip (sensor)

among them,
3000 square meters is the 10000 level dust-free workshop, 1500 square meters is the 1000 level dust-free workshop, and 500 square meters is the 100 level dust-free workshop.
it is a high-end capacitive touch screen manufacturer integrating design and development, production, inspection, sales, after-sales service, finance, procurement and administrative service! Company address: 7?) i9 @ 2 mInterested parties can contact Ms. Guo at 13027949421 and QQ at 1452072499(J3 J9 C + D: R "} 2 T) email: "O.
x-k1, X 'R9], s *} company address: 6 m" z7 D. u # A., 6-7 / F, jinjianda Science Park, Zhangkeng jingshangwei village, Guanlan Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen.
Huili Tuoqi company is very powerful.
the boss Zhang Zongren is very good. I have been there. I also bought a separation equipment (O7 @) J! C & J * T6 m "O, t (V) of our company this yearHold up.
18523115267, a professional functional film tester in our companyIs it made of film structure or glass structure ITO?
our company is the agent of Yongguang in South China.
welcome to contact us at 13169687865, QQ: 693221110.
for the sales of black film.oc
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