Precautions for use of capacitive touch screen
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When installing, ensure that the distance between CTP and LCD is greater than 0.5mm. 2. The host needs to use a good power adapter and must be grounded. $ d! U, F6 E0 x* F8 L5 _ . i3. The accessories of CTP control panel should avoid high-frequency signal and host power passing, and the control panel should be fixed. CTP should not be used in the environment with strong electromagnetic interference. If necessary, please do the relevant test in advance. ( j: O0 c2 Y6 G6 R4. If the shell of the host is made of conductive material, the shell shall be isolated from the sensor, and the shell shall be grounded. 6 N1 B- n: U4 r  v$ F, |0 H3 r! T) c5. If there are non insulating materials at FPC, do a good job in signal interference prevention.After receiving the CTP from our company, the customer must carry out the function test one by one. If there is any defect such as jumping point in the test, the customer should give feedback in time. 3 c1 d4 d( d0 J: c7. If the customer is installing the machine for the first time, after the sixth item is done, CTP can not achieve good line drawing, which is normal (but the basic line drawing effect will have). In this case, please give feedback in time, and further software debugging is needed. i' @& d0 T% ^- Q; C9 E7 ?。

Precautions for use of capacitive touch screen

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