What is the reason that the development is not on
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When doing black glue, some did not show what reason is, how to solve6 R1 Q$ ^; y0 U% c3 J4 M3 Z。

What is the reason that the development is not on

Are you talking about the phenomenon of a layer of fog in a large area? If it means that the black light resistance adheres to the glass too strongly0 E3 F1 A: q $f! R reason: "E3 U0 Y7 \" Z + G0 t1. The temperature of soft test is too high & Z5 / 4 h / @ & X. \ * x! T2?2. The surface of glass is dirty3. The problem of photoresist itself (easy to remain)_ 7 _ & G( e/ y: s7 qOn the contrary, the edge is too alkaline to take away the resin in the photoresist too quickly, leaving only black paste)B-G & V "N0 '[%} can reduce injection pressure or alkali concentration 6 x # o' N3 p $N8 w! H0 {3 U8 IIf it's spot like, the cause should be dirty glass2 p * V &] 3 J: H; Z9 Z another method, unless the mask is damaged and exposed to light. Sales: optical resistance, Tel: 13169687865. *E'i $V4 a - | * f small hand shake, I have gold!. I have the gold coin!.
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