Supply OGS anti CNC anti hydrofluoric acid ink
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Introduction: jx-3640, jx-f2005 series inks are specially designed and developed for OGS and glass hydrofluoric acid resistant process, which are resistant to CNC, ultrasonic, grinding and secondary strengthening hydrofluoric acid. It can be completely dissolved in 3-5% NaOH solution after use. Characteristics: 4 {4 K "i7 M $O7 L, O, X & PColor / state: blue, transparent viscosity: 250-20ps, hardness: 3h, curing condition: 150DEG. C x 10-30min, hydrofluoric acid (30% HF) resistance: 60min, wash back: 70oC, 3% NaOH: 1min, 0 @: ^ - y-f / Q% o0w)] 7bUsage: screen setting: 100-500 mesh, super dragon or wire mesh. Printing setting: scraper hardness 60-70 ° printing angle 50-70 ° speed 20-40cm / sec thorough hardening condition setting: temperature setting 150 ℃ time setting 30min. Due to different hardening furnace, the temperature setting is different, so please confirm the temperature setting. Pay attention to the cleaning method after use: cleaning screen, container: a small amount of mixed toluene, xylene and other esterification solvent is the best cleaning method. Storage temperature: below 25 ℃, storage life: 6 months from the date of manufactureSales engineering Miss Zhang: 158144070057 n7 Y' f. K; N8 uQQ:27563928068 e3 s! W# k+ L1 L% {/ D' C。。。

Supply OGS anti CNC anti hydrofluoric acid ink

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