Laser silver for popular science
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This post was edited by fangleifeng at 23:56 on August 19, 2014" L' B! r" w# _ + {2 y: v" Y+ T+ j1 L! f* r. o8 ~7 l& PLaser silver seeks science popularization, solution and communication." T5 _ & d' m, K2 Q5 G6 S。

Laser silver for popular science

UV and laser are not the same thing...For the wire with high resistance V4 t0 T7 |; w (Z H $l), you can see whether the dry film thickness is the same from beginning to end# l  p( G0 }5 z6 _ "If you don't understand, you can contact me at any time1 y6 [# d% F4 V4  }( `" q3 V0 Z; n( _ -M. o18825526062 Liu Gong. To learn, hehe...
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