Talk about the future trend of TP (OGS monolayer multipoint in call metal mesh nano silver) MZT.TP R & D engineering team
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! B/ e  r/ ^7 z% u3 ]% O& ~) x0 @; a7 r0 P( w1 P6 ~0 B) v; l  s% O& X7 h" j# |! LFirst of all, let's talk about the current market structure% \ *] * W & O / K. u9 UFFG (single layer multipoint) H: D5 o: I2 G3 E) G1~IN CALL,ON CELL9 _ 8 p% n; B  l- b; e. t. ^6 iOGS,TOL$ \+ ^7 s' E2 ]2 _ & [3 lNew technology yellow light) [2 _ )H'a + J8 J new material: nano silver metal mesh& M, f2 j4 K" n3 G  u0 h7 O: B' ?8 h, s% u! e- S9 B8 q/ j2 mLet's get to the point: 2_ : t( [4 b# L" sAt present, most companies use film, lens.
* w # {8 B # ^. G% U% S3 {% Q}Some financial companies develop OGS tolIn addition, in cell on cell is used by apple, Samsung and other high-end computers.

Talk about the future trend of TP (OGS monolayer multipoint in call metal mesh nano silver) MZT.TP R & D engineering team

3 Q2 n "n. Z: e0 @9 I* j) L; |* jHowever, in this part, we pay more attention to single-layer multipoint film, lens.
:? 4 y 't0 V1 W: {; G}The emergence of OGS certainly set off a waveBut as long as we calm down and think about it.
OGS in the future market is not better than single-layer multi-point.
0 R5 n) t + \ (Y # C)following:/V7 h $H5 f * r what was the beginning of OGS? It's just thin and has a slight advantage in cost.
the slight disadvantage of film is thick and cost.
as we all know, the price of better film is rising.
6 H6 D - C5 y $k) D5 ['b2^Why does the editor say that single layer can beat OGS in the next 3-5 years. a! J% S8 F. P2 W0 Q first, process and yield advantages7 ^ s% ^ ({: V9 R7 u we all know that the design of single layer is almost the same as that of OGS.
that is to say, flim lens has one more layer of OCA and pet.
) '-_ - N( k( Z7 `6 B3 y! O4 W0 A0 RBut in terms of process proficiency.
film is more mature than OGS, and the threshold is much lower.
many small enterprises are easy to start.
- P! O C D! N; y s'dOGS needs stable yield.
I estimate it will take about half a year or more.
0 ~ 7 K6_ 1 B/ E  QSecond, new materials to recover the thickness and cost advantages8 Q1 A: M + F: V: Q + W under the increasingly fierce competition of major mobile phone manufacturers.
the price of better film is rising, which leads to the rising cost of film lens, and the price war of some domestic touch screen suppliers has seriously disrupted the market.
the price of film lens is increasingHow can we make up for the difference between film lens and OGS? & w.
c" R$ y' v- JThat is to develop new materials: nano silver metal mesh% g%_ 2 t( d8 qNano silver * U5 G4 ′) | 2 y% P (B "M% G (PIn the past 11 years, a company with a keen sense of smell knew that film might rise in price and took the lead in researching nano silver.
this part is very lucky.
in the beginning of December, it participated in the research and development group of nano silver used in touch panel.
due to some factors,
it failed to lead the mass production.
now nano silver manufacturers are still improving and looking for the market.
1 Y0 | 2 u.
B7 y6 F9 m'f: G6 Jmetal mesh0 u! Y / [4 C2 jmetal mesh (metal mesh) is estimated to have been put forward in 11 years, and has been researched and developed since 12 years. Now only two Taiwan funded companies and one mainland enterprise are open to the public.
the advantages of metal mesh are thin, low resistance (5-10 Ohm) and relatively low cost.
% G6 e * W $^% S4 h $FAbout in call on cell.
the cost is too high.
only apple and some Samsung high-end computers can be reused.
the reason why Apple is so powerful is that the Chinese people hold it up? Now 5C.
how many people are interested in apple when 5S comes out? Fei Jie and Peng Ge are divorced. Do you still believe in love? Apple has fallen. Will you believe that in cell on cell will make waves in the next 1-3 years? But there will be miracles,Just like in the case of 500, the probability is not high%L1 J0 \.
@ 4 N8 E0 ^ so all of the above are personal views.
Open industries need communication to make progress.
I'm here to express my humble opinion. If there are any shortcomings, please don't give up your opinions and exchange views~~~) w) Z; U8 U0 d: v8 \3 {8 K, O # G5 J7 J) n'l for other technical information share the following links:7 n 'C + \ 3 V' V9 V5 D. H (r hits deep in TP) MZT.TP R & D engineering team; [$ h( i9 l9 x, x4 x'(J; f4l9j) B3 {; C & u, welcome to pay attention MZT.TP R & D engineering team thank you!} 2 L9 e ${S9 K; D.
big brother.
in cell misspelled several times.
the analysis is very good.
the analysis is good.
the analysis is very good
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