Sensor factory
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Let's know the sensor factory you know and want to engage in sensor business.
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Sensor factory

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liufu'an Ink Co., Ltd. specializes in production, research and development Touch screen protective adhesive (front cover and back cover), ultrasonic resistant ink, CNC cutting ink, OGS high temperature resistant protective adhesive, hydrofluoric acid resistant ink, tuhao gold plating ink, water-soluble ink for cover plate protection, UV acid resistant etching ink, glass etching ink and secondary strengthening ink! At present, the cooperative customers are: ofI light, Huawei, Foxconn, Huaxing, Nokia and other famous brands, which have solved the process protection problem 0 S3 M '^ 5' # ~ + L2 K #/In addition, it also produces IR ink7 `' t" t6 y& L8 f3 H# h" Y- X) z& I  [  D7 G0 w+ }: SWelcome all manufacturers to negotiate with us!!! ! }' q5 ^- {6 N* Q( I9 o- h+ d/Z5? 5 B% d # I; W 'G8 Z4 O9 R. D. D sales engineering Ms. Zhang: 15814407005! P6 y5 q! L* `2 q+ F9 y8 b0 F. ?/ Y' n# ~7 v4 j0 Z- a& X$ f" lQQ:2756392806# N0 L  y8 h- U: M5 s* `! H,L / R * y.
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