TP structure design, seek guidance
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My younger brother is new to the industry and is engaged in all laser technology. When he comes into contact with some self-contained structures, he needs to change them into laser technology drawings. Most of the ITO channels with cross triangle patterns are etched, So the suspension block is added.
later, it is found that only one etching line is used to disconnect two channels in the laser process drawing.

TP structure design, seek guidance

the channel is changed from separated to adjacent.
this will inevitably expand the channel area of the original design.
the resistance value will change, which will affect the capacitance value.
9 h * @) C. h; E8 n'b & Q1{I think the channel resistance is determined by the driving ability of the IC.
this change should not affect the function. What is the allowable range of impedance / capacitive reactance of the IC, and whether the similar structure can handle 7 V3 {; Z8 C-Q. N4 K7 ~! F in this way{Ask the expert to confirm!   l( y' U9 P( z; r1 \4 I5 o' T  J+ W) |8 V4 N9 b4 | * g # a) Z! E0 P # g.
as shown in the figure.
is 8 words enough.
just ask IC factory to confirm the channel impedance! E1 E2 H / @! I # @ # G8|After canceling dummy.
is there no fear of short circuit between channels? .
a_ 1 published on May 8, 2014 21:50% e% J'm 'x / J1 C7 p; C2 U5 P + BThe channel impedance should be confirmed by IC factory6 B8 X. F5 ~ 1 T @ 0 I after canceling dummy.
not afraid of short circuit between channels?; P /] 8 N4 n 'I - M) g) B channel short circuit a lot? Never met # J * t + X * ` 0 s /] 5 @ 6 IIs there any other hidden danger in canceling dummy,Does it affect touch sensitivity? : l" ^- T1 w1 R* B, a6 f5 K% {0 P- z; L+ `( J( `.
a_ 1 published at 21:50, May 8, 20144 V3 @ (\! S9} 3 R $V3 R channel impedance to IC factory to confirm"B & D5 Q / D) I: L6 O + V after canceling dummy.
not afraid of short circuit between channels? 5 k+ o- b1 U, S& x# U# o$ bIf there is a channel short circuit, is it caused by poor ITO etching? What is the general cause, equipment or material problems? 6 |- D% {$ P; Q5 n$ y" e5 ~" @- b) h8 \* \* T5 [; q6 l.
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