How to prevent screen explosion by pressing
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How to prevent screen explosion during assembly pressing.
this post was edited by trimech Lin at 14:38, July 3, 2014. @; G1 S0 m) d0} $L/B) O "M8 X" P: G: H - e what is a burst screen_ 8 w/ F5 E% k& X- ~2 CThe liquid crystal is broken by external force/V, F4 R; m / Q5 R (^ 6 '$L4 Q9 {glass is made of certain strength, and will be broken if the local external force exceeds the bearing value; o V0 N5 f / | 5 | $B% F6 T5 S9 S9 U4 e: z) Y6 G# w: @& s)3 Q9 c * I% {4 B0 yoca as bonding substrate%N7? 6 J, G. [a] if the vacuum bonding method is adopted, the upper panel is flat, and there is no interference, most of them are TP, (M% s / u2s3 '(M1 T + L # q)The lower panel is liquid crystal (LCM LCD), the polarizer is the highest plane, and there is no interference,3 L* k2 d' |' s; h& _ The only possibility of! O; d% q is that the relative flatness of the upper and lower parts is not good, which leads to excessive force in the local area9 m2) N4 S $W (y due to the detection of the upper and lower basic relative flatness.

How to prevent screen explosion by pressing

secondly, the detection of the upper basic set pressure value 3 G $f) r; Q7 C "d"6 ^1 S+ U  q" r# aB. the air bag is fitted with 1-BODY clamp, and LCM is below,Support TP 4 point 8 x2 E2 L8 r'z / B / R + P3 W4 V by spring or rubber washerThe inspection method is the same as above, whether there are reasons such as inconsistent spring height or aging rubber gasket, etc., review the next fixture carefully, and there must be problems. Secondly, check the air bag pressure, which is generally more than 2 Standard atmospheres & A% R) [2 V3 x) J3 I# n/ @; ?; j2 W: _ Loca mode7 m( t6 @! r% {  I( T. n & R $C2 [9 R: K "u, K6 q] basically does not exist this problem, because loca is a flat diffusion, and there is no large external force.
/ y.
t N7 Z # I $y 'B8 |"\0 z& S8 q- }: R+ m; {2 t+ K" a7 L9 }. z4 ~2 PThe air bag machine has no contact.
the air cylinder is basically used, and the broken screen is controlled at 0.3%.
it is mainly caused by the interference between the laminating die and the screen or TP.
please check whether the adding mode of your equipment and the structure of LCM are reasonable.
it is not recommended to use the pressure mode of air bag skin (it is easier to break LCD)% L' T2 e* B" D/ g9 S.
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