OCA rework
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How to repair OCA? thank you!!! * Y! ~! k+ o9 R  y- k' v。

OCA rework

Remove the screen. We need a molybdenum wire (or steel sheet) repair machine. The diameter of molybdenum wire is very small. I don't know how much. We can cut and separate from the cover plate and the function sheet. After separation, we can manually tear open the OAC for cleaning and wiping. We can also use the industrial refrigerator. However, the equipment is expensive and can't be repaired with modules. Otherwise, it will be damaged. It seems that we can't freeze OCA or water glue. I forget. That's all I know. I hope it will help you a little bit. We have a complete repair plan. If you need to know. QQ:1181030162。 For assembly, separate 1 W5 H8 X1 b * h with molybdenum wire / steel sheet cutting machine`In the case of TP, use liquid nitrogen to separate% e; T8_ % n: ?Water gel cannot be separated by liquid nitrogen1 H6 G5 C$ ]- y2 T" i。
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