Ar layer and ITO layer
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How to match ar layer and ITO layer? How to control the thickness of AR layer?5 P, G9 |% k $C. ` 6 ', q! P8 L.

Ar layer and ITO layer

I don't know how to help.
1. The highest peak value of visible light transmittance is 99%+ a6 c+ w$ ~. F0 l0 X) _ The average transmittance of visible light exceeds 95%.
the original brightness of LCD and PDP is greatly improved, and the energy consumption is reduced.
H # R3 G - M2 n / I / J7 F2 D2. The average reflectivity is less than 4%.
the lowest value is less than 0.5% 1_ 3 r. Q4 d8 h! {+ {& K! sIt can effectively reduce the defect that the screen becomes white due to the strong light behind the screen, and enjoy clearer image quality.
in this way, the image quality can be improved&R / U0 I) x: ^ 3, more colorful, stronger contrast) _ . {.
R0 O7 Q "O makes the image color contrast stronger and the scene clearer.
P'm # g $T4 o! R; Q #}4. Anti UV.
effectively protect eyes 1 H3 X8 N6] / I + B # CThe transmittance of ultraviolet spectrum is greatly reduced, which can effectively block the damage of ultraviolet to eyes.
% F! L6o5 x% X "M. H5. High temperature resistance9 J) O / K! ') w -} 7 F) E2 e + A.
K5 {ar glass temperature resistance> 500 ℃ (general acrylic can only withstand 80 ℃). | 7 ~ + N,? 2 Q% m%_6. The best scratch and wear resistance) H9 W1 `' ^,The hardness of T6, T2, B1, n. | 6 K ar glass film is equivalent to that of glass, which is greater than 7h (generally, the hardness of PC board is about 2H to 3H).
the hardness of T6, T2, B1, n. | 6 K ar glass film is about the same as that of glass. C8 H & D * @ (P% C3 r'i 7, resistant to various cleaning agents) u. _ After wiping with acid and alkali resistant cleaning agent, the film will not be damaged.
y3i *|8. Strong impact resistance%The impact strength of 3mm thick glass of? * u-g7 K. u; K + G6 D is equivalent to 6mm acrylic.
x% G # b * G5 R # R (x6)_ ' c2 M  j: }9. Maintain perspective5 a #]. G1 @ # R0 H% C +} in general, the viewing angle will be smaller after the installation of acrylic, while the viewing angle will not be smaller after the installation of AR glass.
7 Z x2 C6 C $X.? 3 Q3 a * n10. Appearance 3_ 6 v: \7 T+ r. ]% w8 qThe surface flatness of AR glass is much better than that of coated acrylic.
and the larger the size is, the more obvious the difference is.
% m (T% A2 m (z)11. The cold and hot deformation of AR glass can be almost omitted.
it is suitable for all kinds of environments. At the same time, AR glass has the feeling of glass, and its appearance is more beautiful.
the effect of AR double-sided splashing is better.
it's just the cost.
I've learned.
thank you.
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