For scratch bad (non fixed) test
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In view of the bad scratch (non solid injury), I have the following four reasons (discharge and incoming material reasons)4 P - {& T1 R. i5 K1. The reason of working skill and working attitude) D4 Q "m; W A, N9 A4 B2. The products are scratched due to collision or contact with the basket during transportation@; K1 w9 a) Q6 K8 J8 W6 V5 L3. There are impurity particles in the materials for gluing and silk screen printing, and the products are scratched by contacting the impurity particles in the scraping process: @ - x% ^ "X - '& q4. The pure water and compressed gas of the cleaning machine are not clean (with impurity particles) and the ultrasonic frequency is too high, and the product is scratched due to contacting with impurity particles in the process of liquid cutting, spraying and air cutting.

For scratch bad (non fixed) test

5 [3 C1 Z 'C8 t]" f# I2 s2 Z: m# R( ~) {About point 4.
has any great God ever done the test of "reducing the pressure of liquid cutting, spraying and air cutting, and reducing the ultrasonic frequency, can it reduce the bad scratch"? 8 R # Z! N $p; I "Y% f 'L.
has no one done similar experiments? I'll do it myself next week to see the effect.
I've also encountered scratches before.
I think most of them are details * y. C9 @ - B 'K. R/ g" U4 ]% A) }( Y5 F, \; RAs you said, the possibility of point 4 is not very high, but there is also a point that there are burrs on the guide wheel of the equipment, which will cause scratches,#L t, [2 T} 3 F, but you can also do experiments to verify it.
I think most of them are details.
first, I'd like to confirm if there is any problem with the process equipment.
I'll give you some adviceIf not, focus on the personnel's operation techniques
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