first aid
Author:Chen Li Time:2021-06-08 11:20 Browse(65)
Touch the vertical buttons on the far right of the screen. What if you click them and they don't respond? With its own program correction, the rightmost correction button can't be touched, please advise, thank you.5 O) \# d, J1 Y- |。

first aid

What IC? Debugging can solve it. I'll see if there's a God. Bingshixuan published at 18:08, September 10, 2014$~ 3 S8 C + Z; l # T "^ 4 S9 F, x, ~. Y (P - P what IC? Can debugging solve it1 Q # C ^ #]'m. l how to debug, find the method. You can see that IC is not debuggable in test software.
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