Repair of TP scratch
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consult:$t (H & u # a + G) 1: do you have any good plan to repair the surface scratch of TP?!! (e.g. what kind of solvent / friction tool to use), K ﹣ Q-T; C + U (C5 Y8 z)2: what method is there to check the scratch on the surface of the cover plate?!! (select the defective cover plate in advance), }3 h7 J: m' Q$ z% _ , b: L2 R$ D* R% Z0 k8 U) P& F# ^. B4 p/ K+ e4 u. v$ J! |。

Repair of TP scratch

Damn, you can find me for this problem. I have a way to repair the scratch of TP finished cover plate with the cost of 200 yuan. But if the scratch is deep, there's no way. QQ312867012。 Learn, share more next time.. Small manual jade carving machine with polishing liquid to repair slight scratch.
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