Touch screen high tech summary
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ATO vacuum sputtering technology+The advantage of this technology lies in the successful development of the mature process conditions for the planar low temperature magnetron sputtering target to sputter ATO transparent conductive film on the glass surface. ATO has corresponding application fields compared with the existing ITO conductive film, but the cost of ATO (tin antimony oxide) material is more than 50% lower than that of ITO (indium tin oxide) material, With the development of ATO coating technology, the material cost is greatly reduced, which makes ATO coating with low cost advantage more competitive, thus replacing the mainstream ITO coating technology&M * m * ~) F3 P3 knb2o5 vacuum ion sputtering technology / X5 |.
['q 'W0 y. QIn vacuum equipment, Nb2O5 thin film within 10nm is magnetron sputtered by closed-loop voltage control system to achieve optical superposition processing, eliminate ITO etched circuit on touch screen, and improve touch screen HD.
/ Q: Z & K) I '| 4 T! V (q)\Metal low resistance and low film thickness TechnologyIn the existing normal metal sputter technology,

Touch screen high tech summary

central film thickness: 3300 & aring;, ± 10%; normal resistance: About 0.28 Ω / □ ~ 0.36 Ω / □. Through the change of equipment design, the heater is added in the front section of sputter, and the heater protection device is designed, And Al fog elimination measures.
high quality metal film with low resistance and low film thickness can be obtained.
principle: heating in the front section of sputter can improve the surface activity of the substrate.
during the deposition process, the surface activity of the substrate can be improved,The results show that the particles can obtain high vertical and normal kinetic energy of migration and diffusion, so that they can find a suitable low-energy position in the shortest time, which can reduce the lattice defect of metal layer and improve the conductivity and stability of the film.
furthermore, when the film thickness is 2800 & aring; By adjusting the heating temperature of spuuter front section,
various combinations of resistance and film thickness can be obtained, which can reduce the cost of expensive alloy metal targets by 20% ~ 40%.
the relationship between resistance and film thickness is inversely proportional.
this technology breaks the traditional relationship between resistance and film thickness, It has a high application value in the field of conductive film in the future.
the results show that it has a high application value in the field of conductive film in the future9 H5 S2 n.
': z) \: F (b) adding a heating annealing device in the rear section of sputter (which has been prepared) can further reduce the lattice defects and improve the conductivity of metal film, thus reducing the film thickness and obtaining high conductivity film%I & P% L (K2 P /} ` Metal 12 station trolley$[3 o: b) Z #} & y].
J% a through the accurate calculation of each cavity volume and coating speed, the existing 10 station trolley is changed to 12 station trolley, each trolley can put two more pieces of glass, the coating gap between the trolleys is reduced from 240mm to 85mm, the target material consumption is reduced by 20%, and the UPH is increased by 20%! R0 u'f! X p * rtio2 spraying technology 6 K3 x%? |; ZAt present, the transparent conductive film ITO, which is widely used in the field of capacitive touch plating, has been etchedThere are obvious etch lines, which are difficult to be completely eliminated by the traditional vacuum sputtering technology, so there are some defects in the application of this technology in products.
TiO2 spraying technology is mainly based on the principle that the refractive index of TiO2 and ITO is close to each other in optics.
after spraying TiO2, the etch lines of etched ITO disappear completely, The investment cost of this spraying technology is only 20 ~ 40% of the traditional vacuum coating equipment covering the application of ITO etching line.
and the material cost is only 50% of the vacuum sputtering cost. Therefore, TiO2 spraying technology has a broad application prospect in the field of capacitive touch.
) U: [0 D5 n] [0| 3 K '| (B. KAG hard coat on ITO/PC)B & Y! T (x * K2 Q # R) the existing products are affected by the inherent characteristics of the substrate PC board, the hardness is relatively poor, the highest hardness can only reach 2h, the product is very easy to be scratched, so it is difficult to be widely used in the market.
the newly developed Ag hard coat method is that Ag hard coat solution is evenly coated on the ITO splashed PC board through robot automatic spraying method, After UV curing and IR baking at 120 ℃, it has the effect of anti glare and enhancing hardness. The hardness of this treatment method can reach ≥ 5h and the adhesiveness can reach 4b, so as to improve the biggest defect of existing products, which has a broad application prospect in the market2 y6 S2 '-: {anr (anti Newton ring.
anti Newton ring) thin film technology application1 m ",The results show that there are many defects in the coating process, such as low hardness, non-uniform resistance to high temperature and non-uniform Ag fringes, Therefore, it has a broad market application prospect.
in this paper, the author introduces the application of the new technology/Z; s!? - L3 f fine printing technology.
N9 O1 C + s, w%_ 6 r% b2 f* MFine printing technology is to use high-quality stainless steel screen to print all kinds of ink on the glass under the premise of high-precision control of ± 0.025mm of PCB printing machine, This technology will replace some high-cost etching, coating and other processes, and will play an important role in occupying the future market for the products.
&Application of J0 K0 a "u p! V: eoverlapped technology in touch screen manufacturing process8 m 'V + T7 u # C "~'z *] when the size of the product is fixed.
to maximize the visual area, the supporting circuit on the electric touch screen is required to be limited in a very small peripheral area. The most ideal situation is to achieve seamless distribution of lines across areas.
we propose an overlapped line design and manufacturing method.
it allows lines to overlap and reduces the impact of line coverage on the reduction of visual area.
& O! K* c- B; ^' I: j. nSpecial shaped glass cutting and drilling+'- V3 I U * x $t + S $K (z! Y) special shaped glass cuttingThe cutting data is obtained through CAD graphic files, and the cutting path is automatically optimized. With high penetration cutting cutter wheel, any number of identical or different pieces of glass can be cut at one time.
the vision system is used for automatic positioning.
the high efficiency and high precision cutting is realized, which not only reduces the labor intensity, but also improves the opening accuracy and speed (o% ^)_ - i; D$ g3 ^CNC small aperture glass drilling, CNC spindle speed of 50000rpm, with special cutting tools for high-speed grinding and drilling of glass, the faster the cutting speed increases, the lower the cutting temperature, which can improve the material's machinability, reduce the cutting resistance and improve the machining accuracy, so that the tool is not easy to wear, At the same time, the roughness accuracy of the cutting surface is improved.
the CCD system is used for automatic positioning.
the high efficiency and high precision small aperture glass drilling is realized.
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