On silver wire replacing gold wire
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At the "2010 International Symposium on the latest technology and application of LED" the day before yesterday, a guest mentioned that in the future, LED will mainly encounter the problem of high quality and low unit price, which means that the raw materials of LED will have to make some revolution to reduce the cost (on the premise of ensuring the quality).
the silver thread of Japanese formula that we are acting as an agent now can be as high as 30% higher than that of golden thread province, In the future, more will be saved (because of the problem of market share, the shipment of silver wire will reach a certain degree, and the cost will be greatly reduced). Moreover, in terms of characteristics, many silver wires are better than gold wires. For example, the conductivity and heat dissipation of silver wire are better than gold wire. Because silver has good reflective property, it can enhance the brightness of LED, especially for high power, The tension and thrust of silver wire are also better than gold wire, and there is no abnormality in the aging test of finished products.

On silver wire replacing gold wire

because the previous wire bonder was set for the coordination of gold wire.
in the process of wire laying, about 2% of them will encounter the problem of the combination of silver wire and chip (the first point), and there are basically no other problems, If we break through this "2%", silver line seems to be no different from gold line in terms of reliability. The key now is that people still have concerns about silver line, a new material. Therefore, I would like to discuss with you about the replacement of gold line by silver line, and I beg your opinions. The above is my humble opinion. I welcome your criticism and correction! /{# ') Z - m3 z% s + U.
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