Is resistive touch screen reliable or capacitive touch screen reliable
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capacitive screen:; X6 E6 ^ - U + ^ "Y + M-Q" xDisadvantages:7 x 'B3 R $F.
J6 o 1, unstable.

Is resistive touch screen reliable or capacitive touch screen reliable

the way of coupling capacitance is directly affected by temperature, humidity, finger wetness, body weight, and ground dryness.
it is also greatly disturbed by large area of external objects, which brings unstable results.
: R *} "Q' [; Q2 L8 w! C2. The defective rate is higher than that of the resistance screen.
the outermost layer of glass is very thin.
under normal circumstances, the scratch resistance is very good, but the process requires that the glass should be made in vacuum, and this layer of glass has a 5% probability of meeting the product with holes.
in this case, the glass with very thin surface has a good scratch resistance*F # @ "i9 B6 u # Z6 G1 Q 3. Its service life is generally shorter than that of resistance screen (resistance screen is 3 years.
capacitance screen is 2 years).
the service life of resistance screen is 3 years0 V 'C + s) I * k + O.
P> advantages:- g7 a3 K( _ The transmittance and clarity of the screen are better than that of the resistive screen7 L6 Z. T3 S + Q'y * q resistance screen:(J! Y0 O5 a% z) advantages:4 d7 _ P "E (] U & m3 C; @ 1. The screen and control system are relatively cheap.
the response sensitivity is also very good, and it is not afraid of dust and water vapor, and can adapt to various harsh environments.
it can be touched by any object.
it has good stability.
; P. Q6 a) J * B8 o'e7f5 K2. The service life is relatively long6 _ 9 J' q5 m" D6 ^+ TDisadvantages:The resistive touch screen needs a certain amount of pressure.
for a long time, it is easy to cause the wear of surface materials and affect the normal service life of the product;5 x6 m& _ 0 Q 'z7 R1 E 2. The sensitivity of resistive touch screen is not easy to adjust, and it is easy to appear the imbalance of sensitivity. The phenomenon that a point is sensitive and B point is slow often occurs # D (U "{& M (R3. Resistive touch screen has poor ability to deal with interference and prevent misoperation.
anything touching will cause action.
support upstairs.
add a point: capacitive screen is of high grade and low resistance cost, most of them are developed in industry...
the life of capacitor is long. ~ ~ ~.
in this paper, the design of capacitive touch screen is introduced
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