One component OGS white high temperature resistant ink (300 degree resistant) no yellowing
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This post was last edited by Jason. D at 19:03, September 10, 2019  E" _ 4 A, K" m/ [6 E. ~ & X "W7 | '[9 @; i7' Shenzhen Zhihua Electric Technology Co., Ltd At present, OGS has been one of the most important components of screen printing ink for 10 years1. The temperature resistance of this ink is OK, normal BM photoresist ink can withstand 280 ℃ at most.
and this ink can withstand 300 ℃ coating temperature, white does not turn yellow, black does not carbonize, and the insulation performance is good.
this ink can withstand 300 ℃Although the surface of this ink is very fine and smooth, its surface tension is small.

One component OGS white high temperature resistant ink (300 degree resistant) no yellowing

fixed on the surface, other materials will not produce shrinkage, breakage and pinhole.
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U (B0 L) a 'Q ({3. Because the ink is a single component, it is convenient for the production line to use, improves the efficiency of the production line, and reduces the waste of ink.
4. The ink has stable performance.
high temperature resistance is superior.
through comparative experiments, it is found that.
the ink overcomes the problems of unstable viscosity, easy to dry, poor solvent resistance of the same type of ink on the market.
in terms of temperature resistance.
flatness, Alkali resistance, surface hardness, process adhesion, etc. were all OK.
6 e! H! F5 F0 F "f * f|5. The whiteness of the ink is OK, and the OD value of two white and one gray can reach more than 3.5At present, it ranks first in the industry#P2 M: [$P / F8 V2 w O6, at the same time can provide technical support and services for your company! If you are interested in the above, please contact us in the following ways.
. M;]: O: j + J;] "Y" y; |/ }.
S, E: t7 M7 nDong Gong (customer service specialist) Tel: 18898760045 website: Shenzhen zhihuadian Technology Co., Ltd. 2 V # H6 y + |: N9] $U) r: f$ _ B & T G & M & L.
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