OGS primary, you can see
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At present, there are three types of OGS in the market. A: Ito bridging and metal bridging. B. Caterpillar technology. C: G! F)F6 Z; C / ~ 5 V - A. Z "Vito bridging and metal bridging are not many companies that can do this process. The main reason is that they have high requirements on the overall strength of the company, which is why many TP plants can only do the latter part of OGS (to be honest, don't spray me); the price is also the most expensive.E4 P8 m + e + G0 M2: Caterpillar technology, laser and yellow light can do, support single-layer multi-point, because the limit is not so high, many companies can do, a little, can only do 7.85 inches below. The cost of laser texturing is lower and the yield is higher than that of a process. It is mainly used in low and medium-end mobile phones. 3: G! F, I haven't been exposed to this kind of technology. I just heard (just heard, please add something wrong). The industry calls this kind of technology fake OGS, which is pasted together with a very thin film and cover plate. It's similar to G + F. last year, when some Ogs were sold, I didn't know the price. I haven't been in touch with OGS for a long time, and I have something wrong with it. Please give me your advice and make progress together. About the advantages and disadvantages of these three kinds of OGS, as well as the improvement methods, please add. In the future, I will sort out the collected information and share it with you;& N1 B: D/ X$ d' k" _。

OGS primary, you can see

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