OGS solution
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The company's advantages: professional OGS capacitive touch show manufacturers.

OGS solution

0 A5 S9 D8 A7 p - ` 6 [9]- a& G% s+ \+ A3 XAt the same time, advantage supply touch IC.
focaltech ft6206 ft6306 ft5206 ft5216 ft5306 ft5316 ft5406 ft5506 ft5606 ft5302 ft5202 ft5402 ft5336 ft5436 ft5606 ft5816 ft5336 all series IC, and different models of inventory need to be processed.
0 [% h. K # r5d6q! J! d$ B9 M/ b. m8 [3 X  L  zContact person: vinky 186-2035-7702; a "G7 Z5_ /Q '\ "E: H1 y.
Shenzhen Baode automation precision equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2007.
it is a high-tech production enterprise specializing in R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of capacitive touch screen rear section production equipment and non-standard automation equipment, Main products: OGS full lamination, 3D surface lamination, ACF pasting machine, OCA lamination machine, protective film lamination machine, soft to soft lamination, soft to hard lamination, large screen lamination, constant temperature hot press, pulse hot press, high pressure defoaming machine, water glue lamination, graphene production equipment, etc, Especially in OCA lamination process (soft to hard, hard to hard, CTP to LCD) and OGS whole line process, the yield and production capacity can be greatly improved,Now it has developed into one of the most powerful companies in China. The company has advanced production and processing equipment, strong development and technical team and perfect quality assurance system. It provides high-quality precision automatic hot pressing equipment, and its products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia" a( U) {5 r8 g) O  O. ]" r8 \9 L6 g.
]( L+ c6 `* P7 fAddress: Yijing Industrial Park, No.1, Xinfang street, Guixin Road, Guanlan street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen/ L( k0 r1 @# U( q; @; b  n( x" j2 h(P: Y2 m "I. o;? + b13686811728 Zheng Sheng; [; @: i9 B + J! R" P! Y0 R7 [. Phttp://www.powerde.net/.
Dongguan Jinfu Diqi Electronics Co., Ltd. Jinfu Xincai (Stock Code: 300128)+ O/ z% J3 E2 G7 i( P+ _ &Z # J.
Z4 u! K; Z we specialize in the production of caterpillars OGS, size from 3.5 to 5 inches, yellow light process, (can be customized according to requirements) $Q6 e: W5 ^. M0 | 6 H3 Q8 w. {4 W3 H! T + N3 ^)] * H% C4 V; u # L3 u '~ high transmittance, good strength, low cost, can make narrow frame, low mold opening cost; l. b& \4 {8 b7 C: @# ?5 ?8 p.
_ %\ * preparation of M (k'j'c; O5 s) tablets,The yield of strength is high, which depends on the call{7 w9 ^'t 'M0 s - N / R contact: Xiao R 15989326860 p - P.
t0 Y - S9 n / E3 T3 Q1 o "G$ @' X( a: H8 S: l& _ 1 V               QQ:1604941978! A3 k# D8 G- m5 C0 T. [" _ 2 v: H& d/ s0 @1 q            E-mail :   frank6860@foxmail.com; W, P8 a: l; ^) \, q6 `; h/ ?3 E9 x8 v! k! E! A$ d! J) P2 p) `. E" lCompany website: http://www.jin-fu.cn/0 }/ o9 H4 b/ W9 e7 l0 Z) D& y8 i8 c; o9 Z) R# fWelcome to join us. OGS tol is fully integrated with the industry alliance to exchange experience, exchange resources and integrate the supply chain,( b; A+ x; [* a* t. g* J, |+V (O / A, D: U8 c *] 7 q $x) customer resources, discuss the development direction of technology industry, and seek common development! $ G1 O# C7 C. o5 N* z* f  m; O/ S# y8 K& k# T9 a0 IWelcome to contact,You are welcome to entrust OEM.
(customized according to requirements)8] 5 d! K2? * J) x in addition, our full fitting equipment has been in place.
mass production has started, which can provide OGS tol full fitting service, as well as for peersWelcome to inquire.
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