OGS short circuit problem solution!
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At present, our company has single-layer ITO and bridge structure products, which have short circuit phenomenon. The short circuit phenomenon is concentrated in the key area of the product; 48% of the single-layer ITO structure is short circuited before binding after printing, and 10% of the bridge structure is defective.8 C) w1 f1 h" _ 3 Q1 s ﹣ our company is currently verifying whether the humidity of the workshop has an impact on the product antistatic, but the effect has not changed at present. 5 p& p, }( z$ N6 \" a- E& {2 e. P& T+ E. W. J. i1 N' R$ c; s/ Q8 y- _。 Good information, good information, good information) K! [: L% x& s. A1 r。

OGS short circuit problem solution!

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