Ask a basic question about the touch screen
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Why is there a circle of 0.8mm black frame around the mobile phone display? What is the academic name of this circle of black frame and what is its function? 9 ~. g, ~9 S! T2 mBecause I have never been in touch with this knowledge before, I would like to ask a very low-level question and hope to answer it. 7 l3 B% x  d9 S# q7 E7 s。

Ask a basic question about the touch screen

White OGS. Part of the white TP will be added with this circleWith this, even if the LCD has a slight light leakage, it won't look too obvious when it's all black.. General white cover or OGS will be used, the main function is to eliminate the Yin and Yang color, because the white shading is not good, will be transparent solid in the AV area.. 1. Prevent LCD light leakage8 x: I8 D2 J! R2 @ 0? 6 H2. Reduce the color difference (white OGS) 5 V; P% Z. [+ q $': I $P.
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