Less than a million yellow rays, dare you think?
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It has been several months since I came to the TP forum. During this period, I seldom make comments, because I know that I am a complete rookie in the TP industry.
I don't know anything.

Less than a million yellow rays, dare you think?

I came here purely to learn more relevant knowledge and accumulate the rich work experience of the predecessors. I can see that more people are not optimistic about the current situation of TP industry.
$g & X5 I; s% F9 Q + H & I / uRecently, many people have been saying that the TP industry is now on the decline.
the market is getting weaker and weaker, and the orders are getting fewer and fewer.
many TP factories have closed down.
and some TP factories are struggling.
however, for our company, There has never been a saying that off-season is not off-season.
no matter how weak the market is,
we can make money.
I remember our boss said.
as long as we do 5000 pieces a month, we can break even.
and we do at least 15000 pieces a month.
normally, there are about 25000 to 30000 pieces a month.
in the past few years, there have been many problems: H; H3 o) E6 N5 X. A my current boss is the manager when I was working as LCD.
I went to run my own business in 2010.
and I was also working as LCD.
before that, I had no contact with the TP industry. Until May 2012, he called me and said that he had just opened a TP factory and there was no one, I was asked to help.
from here on.
I was in touch with the TP industry.
at the beginning, the factory was engaged in silk screen printing.
because there was no money,At that time, the orders for silk screen printing were not as good as before. We were thinking about making yellow light craft, but we didn't have much money. We only had less than one million on hand, so how to make yellow light.
in the end of recent years, we made a little money'R $Y1 \! O * J (I # K - O), but these problems are not allowed for us to consider.
market needs, customer needs, we must do, sailing against the current, no advance or retreat.
in December 2012, we began to prepare for the yellow light.
6 A) F7 B + U.
A0 Z + X% ~ * BLet's talk about our existing configuration of yellow light.
here's a brief introduction%The four sets of R2 K0 u | 2 ^ 'k $H "G are all silk screen printing machines before 2002.
the most valuable one is the Dazhen silk screen printing machine in 1998.
the one that goes in and out of the platform4 I & Y) a * s: I4 B two IR furnaces less than four meters in 2000.
these two IR furnaces are the best and most valuable in the whole factory.
because they are from Taiwan Zhisheng, they have been used for more than ten years and are still the same as the new ones.
the 150000 domestic IR furnaces bought now may not be better than them.
"C '|! H3 |" C2 ~ (xA cleaning line less than 10 meters in 2004.
this one is made in China, with only a few sections of spray, a few brushes and two sections of air knife, and no ultrasonic wave.
'j & k# Y-S * n. [* E4 H4 H + HTwo ordinary ovens less than 30000 yuan.
: o0 e + y6 {4 a}A 2000 year old cleaning machine less than five meters away.
the cleaning machine is a new oneI bought the old line, and I bought the developer I made myself.
! S "C4? 4 B0 x # P0 C & E / Y5 M / RIt's a 2003 rotary exposure machine.
it can't be used at all when I bought it. It took me several days to repair it&M $f: | - M)? 4 J; ~ "Z & B also has a new exposure machine, Shufeng rotary exposure machineThere is no money to buy an etching and film stripping machine.
we can only use the tank to do it.
now we are making money, and there is no place to buy it.
-?:]'j -} 2 s / L4 BThere's also a cutting machine that's going to be broken.
there's a cutting machine that's going to be broken'G3 Z3 M $Q "{7 U4 T.
@ / V 200 turnover blue.
3 F4 F3 K5 C; Z1 B! N5 S9 nLess than 100 frames.
'_ % R.
l- K7 S' t: g- pThe most important thing you may not think of is the production workshop. Our production workshop is so ordinary that we can't even talk about the most ordinary dust-free workshop.
there is no so-called central air conditioning.
in summer, the temperature of the workshop reaches about 32 ℃.
some jobs still blow fans.
3 [3 T6 m (W7 a) G1 V "LThat's right.
that's it. You're right. We have such a configuration and such a production environment. A fully manual production line has only 14 employees, no quality personnel, no equipment personnel and no process personnel,In 9 hours, our production capacity can reach 1000 sheets.
the minimum line distance is 35um.
the minimum line width is 50um, 7-inch, 8-inch, 9-inch products, and our poor function can be controlled within 2%.
this is our TP yellow light with less than one million sheets.
the monthly maximum production capacity can reach 35000 sheets.
look at the above configuration and environment.
there are also production capacity and yield, Can you imagine how we produce such yellow light.
dare you think about making money.
but we have made more than two million this year.
& g#c! Y'm7 I: B2 @ 9 / 4 IThere is a senior who said well: "there are no closed industries.
there are only closed enterprises.
" I think this sentence is very good.
in my opinion, there are only closed enterprisesIn December 2013.
in the whole year, we made a million yuan yellow light from less than 500000 factories. Not only that, we also made more than two million yuan in the face of this year's market, and we can have a good year this year.
% e6a0 J1 F. y; Q.
R4 C - BOnce again, I'm just a rookie in the TP industry, and my education is not high, and my writing is not good. If there is anything wrong with the above remarks, please forgive me.
thank you.
thank you: p. _ . V4 L8 Z.
~ "E1 S.
confidence injection thank you! However, I would like to ask you that all the customers your company is facing are mobile TP? Device TP?.
what I admire most now is the 9-hour 1000 output of the building owner.
I really want to know how to do it.
I'd like to know how to do it2 T0 E% f  k$ _ 7 a. can you communicate with us
the temperature of the workshop is 32 degrees.
there is no air conditioner.
the process conditions of some processes are not met at all.
it can be made into good products.
I really admire it.
is it really called "human power wins the sky."
the quality ladder of the domestic cottage market is not as strict as that of Japanese and Korean enterprises, and the function is OK. Everything is easy to say, but the strangest thing is 32 degrees. Will the material be stable? Is it easy to collect money?
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