Kangning and the processing method of Xunzi
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What is the processing method of Corning Glass and Xunzi glass? What is the difference?' P+ b/ Q6 n- Z3 T。 These two kinds of glass are made of two materials,. Do you mean laser cutting or machining?. In order to reduce costs, the company produces and sells high-strength AB epoxy hydrolysate, which can replace UV hydrolysate. It is used for cutting and grinding optical glass lamination, optical lens, prism, lens, filter, crystal, processing and temporary fixing. It can be cured at room temperature and soaked in 80-90 ℃ hot water for 5-10 minutes. Interested please contact me, thank you! QQ704230368。

Kangning and the processing method of Xunzi

No one is allowed to call Xiao Qi, published in 2014-8-14 10:427 d) O! G #}% B C; WDo you mean laser cutting or machining?   v8 N" a6 }* sThe processing method of raw materials, such as Xunzi is float processing, how to define Kangning processing method is 2z5a & j4x - t - N $V "j6s.
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