Car touch has become a new focus of touch applications
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Thanks to the continuous strong demand of smart phones, tablet computers and vertical market (professional applications), the shipment of various touch screens has maintained a high-speed growth for many years.

Car touch has become a new focus of touch applications

on the one hand, the growth of demand has promoted the innovation of touch technology and the decline of product cost.
on the other hand, the market competition has continued to intensify, and the touch screen market has entered a stage of fierce price competition, Especially in the consumer market.
in the face of fierce price war.
touch screen manufacturers are actively expanding the application field of touch screen, To explore the next new market growth point.
car touch application just provides a huge potential market opportunity.
the car touch application provides a huge market opportunity 80 million.
this is the number of new cars in 2013.
this number is attractive even in the consumer market.
What's more, it is a highly professional vertical market field such as vehicle applications.
in fact, the application of touch screen in the vehicle field has a long history.
the earliest can be traced back to 1986, For the first time, General Motors adopted 4-inch touch screen on Buick.
however, due to many factors such as the foundation of automobile industry, touch technology and consumer's operating habits,
the on-board application of touch screen has not been given due attention.
in the past 30 years, automobile industry and touch technology have experienced a leap of innovation and development, Nowadays, touch screen has found an unprecedented fit in vehicle applications.
at the US CES exhibition at the beginning of this year, more than 10 well-known automobile manufacturers, including BMW and Audi, demonstrated the concept of smart car one after another, In the future, smart cars need enough display and touch systems to ensure that drivers and passengers can interact with the vehicles conveniently and quickly; new energy vehicle manufacturers represented by Tesla have laid a new standard for human vehicle interaction for future electric vehicles,The 17 inch or even larger central control display touch interface makes human vehicle interaction more vivid and specific; the development of wireless communication technology, the coverage of 4G network and the rise of the concept of Internet of vehicles have turned the automobile into the largest mobile terminal in the world, which is also the key development direction of many automobile manufacturers, In the future, drivers and passengers can browse the Internet and share photos through the display touch system anytime and anywhere in the car.
in addition,
the progress of touch technology itself and touch operation are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, It is bound to prompt automobile manufacturers to abandon the traditional key operation and turn to a more convenient touch interface.
to sum up,
the huge capacity of the vehicle market and the ongoing changes in the automobile industry will attract automobile manufacturers and touch screen manufacturers to work together to promote the popularization of vehicle touch applications.
vehicle applications are different from any previous touch applications, Vehicle mounted touch screen should have higher reliability, longer working life, and withstand the test of worse working environment, including ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, vibration, electromagnetic interference, etc., and more importantly, safety, To ensure that the safety of drivers and passengers can not be affected.
this puts forward higher requirements for touch screen manufacturers.
only those touch screen enterprises with strong technological innovation and product development capabilities have the opportunity to cross these technical barriers.
the development of touch screen enterprises has a great impact on the safety of drivers and passengers
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