Evaluation parameters of ITO glass
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5.1 transmittance: 7 s!} 2 k'u2 t'gThe transmittance of the glass with Si02 barrier layer is not less than 80% under the irradiation of 550nm light wave, which mainly depends on the glass material, ITO thickness and refractive index: ?4 g% {* o0 d8 F( @9 K- [! p; i& S) q3 |; f- e' W; d! d/ ?! Z7 g$ `6 L: n. ~- JTransmittance definition:0 Q.

Evaluation parameters of ITO glass

B9 y. U)} S7 o * m # j the percentage of the ratio of the luminous flux T2 through the glass to the incident luminous flux T1 is 0 L9 V; X. r'i, a + RTt=T2/T1X100%.
W) S, B* |) ~7 w7 S. i+ {* z$ e& R9 P! n+ r# v4 c) k; n: ]4 @, b9 q3 t5.2 block resistance: as shown in Figure 1]; Z4 J5 [4 R4 e # xD is the thickness of the film, I is the current, L1 is the length of the film thickness in the current direction, L2 is the length of the film in the vertical current direction, and ρ is the volume resistivity of the conductive film.
ρ and D can be considered as constant constant values.
when L1 = L2, the square film, regardless of the size of the block, has a constant resistivity of ρ / D, which is the definition of the block resistance, that is, R □ = ρ / d9 G( r1 `: K7 \+ @% \. S0 m- ^2 V& _ ) b$ p: G# N7 C% h/ }. [- Y5 Z' k3 e) |3 b- Y# U1 R/ O/ I/ _' s5 f,S. L% [1 e $y5.3 Flatness:! y, L / L: H9 f / T. | 1 s * D3 a flatness can be expressed by H / 1, which means that the difference between the highest point and the lowest point of the surface is h.
/ Q. N1 w # ^ 'K4 Z & ~ V in the range of length L+ k1 H; @+ d9 {* N  C5 y" f3 t9 a0 @; S/ b.
Y4 P3 o# ^* \, S9 V4 AZ-d't ` 3 C $g's2 ') H + S8 xito glass substrate flatness parameters include:( P  {2 d  _ #B8, B, Q 1, surface roughness of glass;8 r9 s: n1 t/ Z% w7 p! _ 2. Substrate surface waviness; & K, ~ "V; P9 ~ '@ G8 U2 G x' g3. Substrate warpage;%~ 3 F! W $}. M! R3? # H 4. Base plate verticality;! ~ "Y4 D (Q & x $C '` 5, ITO film surface roughness;! O6 J9 Z & F (~! J6. Uniformity of ITO glass substrate and film thickness  6 R  s; B/ F% ?/ e" q: t' A6 s4 H9 w/ K$ X8 U8 a* ?7 T& S8 u; K6 V3 _ .
C# ~5 h# @- M, I% t- }5.3.2 substrate warpage: expressed in H / L (as shown in the figure)%R% K3 M & B! I (c) is the ratio of the warped height to the length of the warped edge; y0 o3 v0 {' @0 ~8 a4 w# J# j7 g! d, Q$ E# h) [5 j$ n+ ?: |) m3 S5 }* L: ?" T! K" K3 `/ b0 g; L) `- P9 g8 `- j2 D(g) H - J 1J! {# C, where the requirements are as follows:1.3 O. M: n% e # P! I -- substrate glass with thickness ≥ 0.7mm, warpage (H / L) ≤ 0.1%.
0.7mm. y2 P/ L" E4 _ -G 8 L -- substrate glass with thickness ≤ 0.55 mm.
warpage (H / L) ≤ 0.15%.
H) G 0 d j: S - B3 T. ^ 0 f- no S-shaped warpage is allowed_ : U0 G6 A- |2 v+ U" T$ z$ y3 i0 j2 a( _ 5 F / J * V1} 5.3.3 perpendicularity of base plate: expressed by a / L (as shown in the figure),|: a '@ 0 w (B.') d is used to describe the degree # U2 {f # l-h-w0d that the four sides of glass substrate are perpendicular to each other4 p4 p: s* {, I; ]: U$] 2 h "Y4 s% D3 I usually a / L ≤ 0.1%: y5 b  V. r* Q+ Q) u0 h: O: }  I% g' j5 o4 Q4 p. ^; H0 i+ u- A( N, A3 a7 j& s( g7 K! q/ k% c' A0 n. \  u& y, a: |; \6 ]- M5 g2 ~0 r# h; W$ P3?: M2 t * f # e ({2 P% H! E5.4 chemical stability: {+ L - J # '/ R; D $I% GThe chemical resistance of ITO coating should meet the technical requirements in Table 2. S+ e0 _ A) alkali resistance-When the [. Z5 ~ # U8 ~ 6x)} coating is immersed in 10% NaOH solution at 60 ± 2 ℃ for 5 minutes, the square resistance of ITO film shall not exceed 110% compared with that before immersion.
& S P; B; Q1 Kb) Acid resistance 9 x "C; S & R% s" dThe resistance of the sample immersed in pure hydrochloric acid solution should not exceed 110 ± 2% for 6 minutes% l.
}1 ?+ E, t: Y/ [  s7 ?c) Solvent resistance! ~ + X *} + G: G% V2 A0 g. RAfter the coated glass is immersed in acetone (analytical pure) and absolute ethanol (analytical pure) for 5 minutes, the square resistance of ITO film shall not exceed 110% compared with that before immersion.
the results show that the square resistance of ITO film is higher than that before immersion- D% B6 v( b5 n5 A9 ]5 E  v. [9 N' r$ _ 8 ~. O; G-L! L0 {C8 W1 I8 h $A5.5 thermal stability: * g $C * {+ P% T. Q S7 W5 u; V_The change rate of square resistance of ITO film is less than 300% 'P1 Z1 n, W; O (a, O) J7 V after 30 minutes in air at 300 ± 5 ℃ (the ITO glass used for touch screen is at 200 ± 5 ℃).
the change rate of square resistance of ITO film is less than 300%'p1 Z1 n, W; O (a, O) J7 v8 f9 k6 @5 ^# m1 J# x& C; m$ n" W$ @$ P0 n' H8 K( y9 p5.6 adhesion:: Z (E! Q7 R O & L-W was glued on the glass surface with 3M adhesive tape and quickly torn off. There was no obvious cracking of ITO layer. 8 J, F & V7 M1 C $D5 I/ `- h  j& M+ J4 Q1 j.
·························/ m3 o2 D& z! G.
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transmittance = => besides the transmittance, there are two mechanisms of reflection and absorption (n & K) + ^. M9 ` S3 I j + {/ W)Generally, the factors that affect the transmittance of transparent materials are no longer absorbed but reflected&V! C # H8 x R $v when the reflectivity increases = => the transmittance decreases; so the refractive index (n) plays an important role in 4 K $p: M. q! H~3 o! l2 v4 Q. j$ a+ P3 H$ j/ p* W+ |5 e9 ^& E6 ~8 U$ S; n4 K! ^) Y; [8 Q4 [; N& Q,h.
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