Solving the problem of bad binding~
Author:Zhu Jinli Time:2021-06-07 15:43 Browse(21)
At present, in the production of caterpillar products, the binding is bad, and the bad is RX channel bad (Duntai). When you look at each pin under the microscope, the particle blasting is OK. Before you always use the same process parameters, there is no problem. Now there is a piece of such channel bad occasionally. Solve the problem? 5 I- n" v* n. t$ g; ~* iAt present, we doubt whether it is a material problem, that is ACF problem, but there is no way to verify it. 3 W! G) Q* h2 U  O, ^1 \0 M4 e: L & B3 F & | $a'd gods, come out!' x  Z+ N1 [: ?" u5 f! ]0 w- K# U。

Solving the problem of bad binding~

What is the bad channel, what is the condition.. Ling Lingjian kiss was published on May 23, 2014, 17:36What is the bad condition of F. W2 n! B # M. V channel)|2y3p; W & Q: u 'is the open circuit phenomenon when the value of the whole column is small. Thank you for learning to earn gold.....
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