Large supply of 3moca
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Sell 3M OCA optical adhesive, thickness 50, 75, 100, 125, 175, stable supply, the price is absolutely advantageous, if you need to call 18617150297 Miss Zhang9 | & P! H; {2 V /? 4 f (G0 n! O) resells 2 sets of ACF attachment machine and 1 set of constant temperature binding machine, which were purchased in July / October this year. Our company is a professional manufacturer of touch screen protection glue, window protection and ITO line protection, Our company's products include: strippable blue glue (front cover and back cover), UV protection glue, OGS high-temperature protective glue, hydrofluoric acid resistant ink, cutting resistant ink, ultrasonic resistant ink, environmentally friendly hydrolysis ink, glass frosting ink, and now we have developed a low temperature curing ink that can replace pet. Our company has strong R & D strength, At present, the successful cooperation brands include apple, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, BYD and other well-known brands, which have solved the problem of difficult process protection2 Y5 ` 6}) y 'l% Z (c) e + q $u sales engineering Ms. Zhang: 15814407005 & J. Y8 B ^ 1 Q + L # B% mQQ:2756392806+ m, ]1 s5 T7 E! o" U( Q' v2 J7 n% Q1 h9 T  D( p% E. Z。

Large supply of 3moca

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