Please come in and teach the new people
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Recently, I have been troubled by a problem! Because the material is thinner and thinner now, it is easy to deform when combined. However, black rubber particles 4 L * u $L3 N3 M9 K are always attached to the back of the raw materialIt's not easy to understand the colloidal particles. Do you have any way to alleviate or solve it. : M7 K( t: p- g* d$ w6 e( Y, ]8 t- @( u6 ^/ H. v7 Q+ x; N. L5 H7 l7 W5 y' G' D: {& l# F1 I1 ?& F+ Z: l。

Please come in and teach the new people

The small hand shakes, the gold coin takes away... The little hand shakes and the gold coin is taken away.....
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