What do you think of the comparison between OGS with laser and OGS with yellow light?
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What do you think of the comparison between OGS with laser and OGS with yellow light? # H: F% F6 |7 o  ~( ~Compared with the efficiency of yellow light, some friends say it's one tenth, others say it's one fiftieth?% ~9 q% C. k4 y, ^( m# Y& w/ r' l  k) Q9 z8 y# POf course, first of all, the laser program can achieve without damaging the ink layer, in the case of nearly 100% yield, compare their advantages and disadvantages~~~$ l+ P/ ~/ S1 E. a/ K) R- M- b+ k- w" b! a/ q) {; h- X5 P7 M8 ]$ J7 n! E% w#T $f; w (U * O2 Y1 Q0 Z5} recently, many people from touch screen manufacturers have called to inquire about laser equipment.

What do you think of the comparison between OGS with laser and OGS with yellow light?

3 L & T.
m3 s # Z8 @ "_ 6 G*A! J5 Y0 L "W # j2q0 J here, we declare once again: our laser equipment can do real OGS!!! In the case of using ordinary ink, it can be realized.
whether it is under white ink or single layer of black ink, it can be achieved without damaging the ink and carving ITO at the same time!!! 8 R  Y- l* Z' }Some manufacturers ask: do you need special ink?0 O3 g; Z / Z "V) {our answer is: as long as the ordinary, conventional, you can use the ink now.
this is the caseNo matter it's white.
or single layer black.
6 I% y8 K5 u.
V5 m3 o7 J2 X; J( i2 i2 O- |-D * N2} (a-t4 L6 E2, some manufacturers ask: do you have equipment to see?"@ 3 H0 U3] # L9 D, N9 J7 Z3 L. T" l our answer is: we have equipment, but please provide samples for us to carve.
after you verify the effect.
if you can cooperate, we can put the equipment in your factory.
(["V (d (I: O (G.
])- F+ X! G( h! R& X/ j8 j  }$ }4 fHere we need to add that we are not arrogant.
of course.
we have to have such self-confidence! Because there are many touch screen manufacturers who want to adopt OGS laser solution, but they may be a good choice if they really have the courage to do it.
our equipment can be used in batches in benchmark enterprises such as Xinli and Junshi optoelectronics.
itself represents our technical strength.
in fact, if you have enough resources, you should know, Our equipment is already in mass production.
there is no need to doubt our ability!* A3 F) p1 E4 B4 o2 D0 E3 n$ J7 {8 `7 r- n8 g.
fOf course, we are willing to cooperate with more powerful manufacturers! Then please provide us with your samples.
we can also see the strength of your company from the samples you provide! Including: your ink printing level,What's more important is your ITO coating effect (or the ability of your external coating partner).
at least, you can't be too bad.
otherwise, the yield will drop.
we sell the equipment, but lose face.
9 T6 e! K9 M! T
]: U3 A9 V: P9] in addition, We can also avoid the peers of other laser equipment to visit our equipment.
although the laser equipment manufacturers have made special parameter adjustments to the laser and other accessories according to our special needs.
therefore, even if other manufacturers see our structure.
it is not easy to get the laser and other accessories with the same parameter function in the short term.
in the short run, it is not easy to get the laser and other accessories with the same function  J  j% D$ |5 H% u1 T) f# t& i; Z  H% b4 }  Q# Z9 ^2 R# F3. Some manufacturers ask: everyone says that their equipment can also do OGS.
it's just the laser power.
4 u. V8 H0]! T & FOur answer is: please refer to questions 1 and 2 above.
this question does not need to be answered.
we need not answer this question! _ + G% b+ T9 H9 \( Z% ^% S% q# }& G7 i/ kThen.
what we put forward is: as long as you have a good eye on the market, as long as you are determined to go to OGS laser solution, we can help you!! . E! B% f1 F& Z/ P2 E* f4 r7 S0 _   Z7 \/ M0 d) q7 }6 X7 y% x3 K, H4 B7 T"}% ^ #}: Q" x + I2 L #?. I) f Q9 t i9 l Wuhan Xianhe laser Shenzhen Office! ^. Y-q: '! D6 K9 U0 B; O "I & B Mr. Zhong 13590225630,O- q1 B9 I, t, h: \' Y/ |3 }* }& N5 ^% @4 _ 2 w0 B" x8 w& O2013.11.08/It's said that this company doesn't seem to have any ready-made equipment
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