Comparison of several common mobile phone screens
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TFT screen: good brightness, bright color, but higher power consumption and cost; TFD screen: ultra-low power consumption, faster reaction speed, but lower color than TFT; AMOLED: compared with TFT, it is thinner and higher contrast; super AMOLED: thinner than AMOLED screen, more sensitive multi touch, more bright color. . m# W% ?$ D4 p* ~3 ~0 K, {# F& \/ R* `. D( I& JMore wonderful content, please pay attention to Synaptics official microblog and wechat!1 o* @0 W6 L) w6 _ 5 E6 Q1 J$}4 G7}Synaptics new micro-blog WeChat official account and WeChat official account are online. As long as micro-blog or WeChat public address searches Synaptics, we can read the most in-depth industry information and communicate with us at any time. We are waiting for you!, Q. }9 b4 ?2 z2 Y' B, c& b。

Comparison of several common mobile phone screens

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