FPC flexible board cable | backlight module FPC
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The company is committed to the R & D, design, production and sales of high-density multilayer flexible circuit board (FPC) and rigid flex bonding board. In product quality control and customer service has accumulated rich experience in the industry to establish a good reputation. The company introduced advanced FPC production equipment and professional technology, will be the fastest speed for you to solve the FPC proofing to mass production and other needs. It is capable of mass production of single panel / double-sided panel / hollowed out panel / multi-layer panel / laminated panel / rigid flexible composite board with line width of 0.05mm, line spacing of 0.1mm and aperture of 0.1mm. The sample production cycle is 3-5 days. Qian Sheng Mobile:136-1628-6922        133-2805-6922       Email: pcbks@126.com     QQ 1506042591   0 b: o- i$ F  U$ l。

FPC flexible board cable | backlight module FPC

FPC flexible board cable | backlight module FPC....
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