What should be paid attention to in binding process to reduce pressing time?
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The company's binding process has been reduced from 12 seconds to 10 seconds. The pull-out force, environmental test and function are all OK. I don't know why, but the manager denied it. When I asked the manager, he didn't tell me. What else should I pay attention to? I've been in pain all the time. The reason is 9 x "T1 h) '- t! H # ~ 3 p $m: Q.

What should be paid attention to in binding process to reduce pressing time?

ask the great God for advice. I'll take a look and leave.
Hello, everyone.
we are Dongguan jinfudiqi Electronics Co., Ltd+ ?/ h" y  q2 {: |* p7 C$ W' U( F0 x  {  ^: d# UWe specialize in the production and manufacture of 0.55mm thick. Y; Z ([6_   d! [: U# B3 Q/ [Compared with the traditional OGS, the touch screen is thinner and has higher strength.
the difference between the two is that the traditional OGS is the first"R5 B! S & T '~! F) \ \ the whole material is strengthened first.
then it is cut into small screen for mobile phone, while the small piece of strengthened OGS is made of material + P7 t # @ / I) m2 W1] + {2@The intensity of the screen was higher than that of the control group-U3s1k + y7e all strengthening processes adopt secondary strengthening process.
different from the traditional primary strengthening process, after secondary strengthening, 9 Q7 K. ^ "?% G0 {% v # t! L & @) C0@The hardness can reach 650, which can avoid the quality risk of end customers after mass production6 @) u7 D+ ~( |. _ : H; s& B%D; B + J # d% B (s) G2 @ 3.5-5 "has achieved mass production.
customers are welcome to inquire ~. ^ 4 T: a% {# R0 W; m" Q; U9 W7 [5 t / Z1 B3 u! [* n contact: Xiao R 15989326860" e' }+ Z1 y* [" l% R3 D, Z2 @/ E9 Y# g7 r1 G+ ^# H* O               QQ:1604941978# Q: S$ \6 X* c& S! \4 ]$ k! W- _ : J9 e; c: k# ?8 u$ s+ p           E-mail :   frank6860@foxmail.com7 i/ R/ u# \' ~  p3 w2 J( M0 N$ M2 f3 b; o: H$ a7 I- F- Q- N* l(|% L4 Q8 o "A0 q $B / M8 m'u welcome to contact, You are welcome to entrust OEM to your peers.
(you can customize it according to your requirements).
if you have passed the environmental test, there is no reason to say no. 5 f $H! K: W8 I.
{. Q6} In fact, the main conditions of pressing operation are: air pressure, temperature, time, pressure, and the inspection needs to pay attention to: the state of crystal ball fracture, whether there are bubbles, whether the function is OK, the number of crystal ball fracture, whether there is fracture pin zone, tensile test, etc.
in the process of pressing operation, the main conditions are: air pressure, temperature, time, pressureEnvironmental testing is mainly a high-temperature replacement, cold and hot impact, constant temperature and humidity, and artificial sweat.
there are no problems with all these, so it should be able to replace.
if you have resources, you can also do a slice test.
take a look at the condition of crystal ball cracking.
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