Touch screen design consultation
Author:Feng bangrong Time:2021-06-07 13:32 Browse(270)
Hello, everyone. I've just entered the touch screen industry. While studying touch screen design, I'd like to ask how to determine which IC model and sensor's ITO pattern to use according to the drawings given by customers?3 \/ _ 1 t! ^1 `! x  V3 L! G。 Take the gold and go! & r, `7 I- ]& Z7 q/ x3 R。

Touch screen design consultation

It should be based on the requirements of customers to choose touch IC ﹣ n + H; V: M2 P0 @ 1 W% d8 N* s% l2 Y1 n' G。 5 B# V* z* }# @; v" nPass by and get two gold coins. First determine which one, and then determine which one of his product lines to use. In other words, it's about price, performance, etc. unless the customer's layman doesn't know which one to choose, you can recommend it. With which kind of pattern, chip solution providers have specifications, TP factory did not develop a good process can be..
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