Ask you how to get started quickly??
Author:Luo Shu Time:2021-06-07 13:36 Browse(188)
At the end of this month, I just joined a touch IC factory. I did LCM research and development before, and I know little about touch. Do you have any new learning materials to share? Just registered in this forum, gold coin "a! T! A. X; L" a + '% w (| / ZAlso very few, looks the forum to need the gold coin to be able to download? ( O/ o3 S1 e3 C5 @。。

Ask you how to get started quickly??

At the top, I want to learn. 6 J: o, s8 Z$ `9 zLaser OGS / tol, small piece process, 3.5 to 12 inch screen, line width 30 ~ 40u. / r8 n) }% n( X! @, QThank you for sharing.
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