Samsung mobile phone has adopted silicon labs c8051f7xx touch screen chip
Author:Han Zhiwei Time:2021-06-07 16:51 Browse(895)
Silabs recently launched c85051f7xx / f8xx, which adopts C / D technology, optimizes the touch algorithm, and supports capacitive touch screen and buttons, slider, wheel type buttons, etc. Good sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio (100:1 signal-to-noise ratio), fast response (40 microseconds fast integer response), low power consumption. C8051f7xx / f8xx internal resources: maximum 16kbflash, 512ram, I2C, UART and SPI interface, three 16 bit timers, 10 bit 500ksps ADC, built-in 24.5mhz oscillator and temperature sensor, on-chip reference voltage, watchdog, power on reset, power consumption detector, voltage comparator, programmable counter, PCA and comparator, 17-54 GPIO, industry's fastest sensing speed: 40us, no external components required, Reduce circuit board space and cost, the highest sensitivity, provide strong large execution efficiency, no worries, can work normally in complex environment, MCU contact fast wake-up, save system power consumption, if you are interested, you can sample: 021-61202632 Xiaoyue yunling.yue @ ; `: N+ s5 p& n1 z+ l/ M! f。。

Samsung mobile phone has adopted silicon labs c8051f7xx touch screen chip

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