CG scratch
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Cause CG scratch???? Fit from TP, put into plate, remove bubble, stick OCA, from TP to full, stick film. In these steps, CG scratch will be caused. What's the best way to avoid it????. At the top, look at other people's opinions. Isn't there a protective film on CG? After the lamination, the problem is solved!. There are several main reasons for this problem6 B: B7} 1 h} u first: caused by the machine in the process4 v. V /?) H / J3 {. E second: caused by the tools and instruments used in the process. Y;]; R (S7 yThe third is caused by personnel in the process_ ' ^; c% l- m3 G8 ~* x3 B1 E6 BAccording to the above categories, confirm the machine, personnel's action and equipment item by item. 4 m: {8 C8 K "I0 |9 i, ]: V" f  p: o! F6 G1 k: W。

CG scratch

According to what you said, it is estimated that the lamination of your small piece is manual lamination and then rolling. Whether it is caused by material stacking behind the roller. In addition, the full inspection of several incoming materials, a station a station to determine.
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