Better cost-effective insulation ink than 8400c --- can be used for OGS / caterpillar and other single layer multipoint jumper insulation layer
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This post was last edited by Jason. D at 13:59, September 10, 2019) W4 q8 x1 x- L) `+ |%Z $C # P3 [, S + C Shenzhen zhihuadian Technology Co., Ltd The characteristics of 3810 series UV curable insulating inks are as follows: 1. They show excellent adhesion on ITO glass, ITO film and PET film3 F2 C 'C6 K5 W & E0 E2, curing has good tolerance to UV machine.
1 T1 K! O6 E1 | + W1 X & R3. At the same time, because no volatile solvent is used in the formulation.

Better cost-effective insulation ink than 8400c --- can be used for OGS / caterpillar and other single layer multipoint jumper insulation layer

the insulating ink has no effect on the electricity of silver paste and metal wires.
R9 f / Q)`4. It is worth mentioning that the ink has good bending resistance, and the film hardness is higher than 8400c, and its color is darker than 8400c.
2 O7_ / b: |! w6 ?( i2 s/ w. m5. At present, OGS proofing is very popular.
in order to solve the functional problem of short circuit caused by poor vertical insulation performance of the ink in the process of OGS jumper, an insulating ink for OGS jumper is developed based on the above0] $f # I & R 'X6 Z0 WA, after deep addition, the surface of the insulating ink after printing and curing is very flat, which is suitable for making jumper insulating layer on the surface, that is, printing silver wire on the surface of the ink without causing micro short circuit.
& h.
F1 @ * t,t* \7 vB. At the same time, it has good matching with silver paste, which makes silver paste have excellent adhesion on its surface.
the results show that silver paste has excellent adhesion on its surface'd)? - E & T3 V1 R $~ + '6 D8 PC. this ink is not easy to diffuse after printing and has good printing stability.
it is suitable for single-layer and multi-point insulation jumper layer.
it can be used as a single-layer and multi-point insulation jumper layerIf you are interested, please contact us in the following ways.
we will try our best to cooperate with you to solve the problem, thank you.
thank you" g- k- \) `.
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