consult! About two pieces of glass fully bonded
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This post was edited by xunyangzijian at 11:28, October 20, 2014 - U / L3 {. C, Z / J) s: H% d} n: n  q5 W; \: M( [" dImagine that two pieces of thin glass are pasted together by TP full bonding technology; how much will the penetration rate affect? How high temperature can it withstand? 9 b# x* D9 Q) U5 W# X( `0 ^Whether it will be invalid after ultrasonic cleaning; whether it is imaginable after peripheral scanning?! \ 2 V (J $^ # n M9 e% B $B, please answer, thank you!!! & i3 l$ t8 p6 D* x( N。

consult! About two pieces of glass fully bonded

No, it's hard to say. The light transmittance is the same. 78 degrees should be OK. What kind of OCA do you use? Is it liquid or solid? These have an impact on the transmittance and high temperature resistance. Don't generalize..
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