Oppo in Dongguan and Meizu intellectual property layout in Zhuhai
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PK intellectual property: who is stronger in Meizu oppo.

Oppo in Dongguan and Meizu intellectual property layout in Zhuhai

mules are horses.
you have to pull them out for a walk to find out.
& C $q) Z $l: D2? # wIn the domestic mobile phones,
there is a force that can not be underestimated.
let's call them "Yue Pai" for the time being.
ZTE, Huawei, oppo, Meizu and so on are all representatives of this force.
they are all rooted in Guangdong.
although they started different, they all entered the smartphone market.
in the end, they all entered the smartphone marketAmong them, oppo in Dongguan and Meizu in Zhuhai, as the representatives of "Yuepai" mobile phones made in China, are both "leaders" and have many similarities. For example, both companies were founded in 2003, one is in March, One is April; both of them started with MP3 players; both of them have complete sales network and channel layout in the second and third tier cities; both of them are keen to change their direction to join the smart phone market. Of course, the mobile phone pricing of both companies used to be very high3 V8 B4 Z9 Y7 s% s $Q can be said.
in the era of MP3 subverting the "Walkman", the two companies began to emerge in the market; while in the decline of MP3, the rise of smart phones, the two companies stood on the "tuyere" in time, always making money and leading the trend.
4 J: C5 ~ / h s: s9aIf there were no variables,
the days of the two families would be much more carefree than they are now.
when the "Internet mobile phones" represented by "Xiaomi mobile phone" hold high the pricing of 1999 and disrupt the smart phone market.
everyone's good days have been affected.
when the "Internet mobile phones" represented by "Xiaomi mobile phone" hold high the pricing of 1999 and disrupt the smart phone market*H1 R # C R0 V; V speaking of this,
we have to say that oppo and Meizu are different in their market strategies.
they are both domestic mobile phones.
oppo has obviously done much earlier in brand building and customer positioning planning, from "Song Huiqiao's endorsement" to the overwhelming "ulike" TV advertising, to today's "Zhimei Yipai", with female users as the main users and insisting on "playing high", It has always been the core strategy of oppo to make high-end mobile phones.
y & A, M. @ *?; L.? 7 M0 |Meizu, on the other hand, under the pressure of "Xiaomi", rolled up its sleeves and fought back at a lower price until 1799 reached the "lower limit" of the mid-range price of smart phones.
4 W3] # y #} 9 A% n $BBut here comes the problem.
if the core positioning of oppo is female users, and Xiaomi is the so-called "fanatic" and "loser", then what is the positioning of Meizu? It is estimated that the executives of Meizu can't make it clear for a while.
at present, Meizu's executives are not sure5 V% h.
` 3 P4 K & [* r] we can see that although they are both "Guangdong style" mobile phones, oppo and Meizu have different styles. So, if the two PKS have intellectual property rights, do you prefer the "advertising" oppo or the "low price" Meizu? 1 S: D: Z) |  cAs we all know, in terms of gold content, patent is undoubtedly the best indicator to highlight the strength of intellectual property rights of enterprises.
for this reason.
based on the statistical data of the website of the State Intellectual Property Office, this paper makes a comparative analysis of the two companies from the overall scale of patent, patent protection awareness, patent protection structure and patent protection preferencePatent authorization of PK intellectual property: oppo is ahead of Meizu in many aspects. Through the above table, we can see that oppo is 15 times of Meizu in terms of total retrievable patents; oppo is 18 times of Meizu in terms of invention publication; oppo is 25 times of Meizu in terms of invention authorization; oppo is 36 times of Meizu in terms of utility model patents; and oppo is 18 times of Meizu in terms of appearance design patents, Meizu is very close to oppo, only 5 pieces less than oppo.
maybe many of Meizu's iron powder - "kerosene" are hard to accept this comparison result.
but this is the reality.
in terms of patent application protection, although they are both representatives of "Guangdong style" mobile phones, but they are not the same, The gap between Meizu and oppo can only be described as "huge."
PK's awareness of intellectual property protection: oppo Meizu has its own advantages. Browse the original picture and see from the above table.
we can see that the two companies have similar establishment time, but they have their own advantages in patent protection applications.
specifically speaking,
in the aspect of invention patent applications, Oppo first filed an invention patent application when the company was founded one year and seven months ago, while Meizu filed an invention patent application when it was founded one year and eight months ago, There is little difference between the two countries.
in terms of invention patent authorization.
oppo got its first invention patent authorization one year earlier than Meizu - "control method for judging the type of earphone insertion by mobile phone."
Meizu got its first invention patent authorization - "touch screen operating system, mobile phone containing the system and its touch key activation method" in February 2012 In the aspect of utility model patent application.
oppo filed its first utility model patent application when it was six years old, one year ahead of Meizu, and in the aspect of utility model patent authorization, oppo was the first to apply for utility model patent,Oppo is naturally one year ahead of Meizu.
in the aspect of design patent application.
Meizu submitted a design patent application 10 months after its establishment, However, oppo first submitted it five years and nine months after the establishment of the company.
in terms of the first design patent authorization.
Meizu is four years and two months ahead of oppo.
it can be seen that in terms of patent protection awareness and preference, oppo pays more attention to invention patents and utility model patents, However, Meizu has a special preference for design patents.
the defense ability of PK intellectual property rights: oppo is slightly stronger than Meizu. You can see from the above two pictures.
among the authorized patents, the proportion of oppo in the layout of invention patents, utility models and designs is 13%, 75% and 12% in order, The proportion of Meizu is 4%, 15% and 81% respectively.
oppo uses the "micro innovation" strategy to build a protective wall through utility model patents and invention patents, However, Meizu uses the "experience" strategy to impress users with appearance design.
from the perspective of intellectual property competition and defense.
oppo's competition and defense capabilities are slightly stronger than Meizu's.
PK's mobile phone patent of intellectual property: oppo is far more than Meizu's browsing the original picture. Pass the above two pictures.
take the patent content as the dividing standard, According to the interpretation and analysis of mobile phone related patents, we can see that in the three levels of invention patents, utility models and appearance design, the proportion of mobile phone patents held by oppo is 91%, 38% and 78% respectivelyThe proportion of mobile phone patents is 50%, 44% and 51% respectively.
oppo has already held authorized patents, The proportion of invention patents for mobile phones and design patents for mobile phones is significantly higher than that of Meizu.
this shows that in the field of smart phones, oppo pays more attention to patent layout and achievements than Meizu.
browse the original picture. Through the above two pictures, this paper analyzes and compares the distribution of two mobile phone patents based on patent types, We can see that the proportion of oppo's invention patents, utility models and designs is 24%, 58% and 18% respectively, and that of Meizu is 4%, 13% and 83% respectively.
in short.
among the patents granted, oppo's layout in the field of mobile phones is much stronger than Meizu's, and its proportion in invention patents and utility model patents is higher, The patent competition and defense ability of Meizu are balanced, while Meizu is obviously "biased" or "unbalanced". It focuses on appearance design but ignores the deployment of invention and utility model, which makes its anti Strike ability relatively weak.
specific to the deployment strategy of mobile phone patent.
oppo covers mobile phone structure, screen technology, lock screen, alarm and other intelligent applications, As for the construction of patent protection wall, oppo's intellectual property strategy is both steady and step-by-step.
however, Meizu is obviously not balanced.
the number of authorized patents is small and scattered in screen technology, data transmission and mobile phone structure, It can not form a complete patent chain or firewall.
as a parentNo one wants their children to lose at the starting line.
however, Meizu and oppo tell us with living examples that although they start at the same starting line together.
however, due to the different interests, consciousness, strategies and patterns of the management, the more they run back, the bigger the style or gap between the two will be.
if we say.
PK intellectual property, Meizu has lagged behind Xiaomi, Then, compared with oppo, Meizu is hard to be compared with it.
it's time to re-examine its intellectual property strategy! (Li Junhui, special research fellow of intellectual property research center of China University of political science and law).
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