What ACF glue is used for OGS binding?
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What ACF glue is used for OGS binding? High temperature and low temperature? 3 V8 N8 Y2 A1 I "H9 h; X.

What ACF glue is used for OGS binding?

process temperature around 160 ℃.
Sony Hitachi 3M and so on" U5 | 5 N A & ETrimech Lin published on December 16, 2013 at 12:29 'O # ^ 5 J6 R8 G! D% @ & C + [- t]The process temperature is about 160 ℃.
Sony Hitachi 3M and so on|The particle size is 10um, and the particle is soft sphere_ " f/ P/ V  }That is low temperature ACF glue. Thank you. Are you making OGS products now? 5 x! O * s: [4 P, L. S6 R.
Dongguan Yide Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in touch screen rework (OEM) service:4 `3 l- `7 _ In the process of production, it is inevitable that there will be some problems such as internal contamination, impurity, patch and poor functionD + e u "h * y;? + S-D although some defective appearance products can be shipped as B products.
but there are still quite a number of large defective customers are unacceptable! W8 R / D! L" s z-h #? 9 l-pIf it is scrapped at this time, it will cause waste of the company. If it is returned by itself, it may cause manpower, material resources and financial resources to the company
1 T7 o: y) k-m3 sIn order to solve this problem.
this paper presents a method to solve this problemAfter years of continuous exploration and discussion in the capacitive screen industry, our team has fully mastered it- y/ n0 g' U. _ , F9 [8] YG + G, G + F, P + G, OGS + LCM, G + G + LCM, G + F + LCM water glue, all laminating structure disassembly process,7 s. s5 _ (D5 g $B7 A: M '?. L3 h) and it can ensure that the yield rate of repaired cover plate, functional film and FPC can reach more than 95%, and the daily output can reach more than 6K.
in addition, it can also ensure that the quality of repaired cover plate, functional film and FPC can be improved"L6 n / d.
Q4 V at present, our company cooperates with various capacitor screen fitting manufacturers to solve the problem of fearless waste caused by defective products for customers.
R0 H4 | 4K V3{Welcome to call to discuss! If necessary, a certain number of returned products can be sent by mail for repair proofing.
+ H / s' S5 B8 q5dDongguan Yide Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. ` 6 G9 P6 V "VAdd: Building 1, Leiming Industrial Park, 180 Shahu Avenue, Shahu village, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City9 U8 m7 L$ T; F6 m7 ^( CTEL:0769-82135702.
c% F& T5 e* m4 @3 S4 I* R* a( s3 HFAX:0769-821272096 ^. I4 M: k) Q1 n & F contact person: Mr. Liang / Z & H N - N +} / X "tQQ:19257832980 d# P0 b9 n+ e& {9 I5 C, X5 hE-mail:llry888@163.com7 Y8 l9 a8 _ 3 N$ p& _ .
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