It is reported that Microsoft and Nokia may sue Xiaomi Meizu and other Chinese mobile phones for infringement
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Microsoft, Nokia and Ericsson may sue Chinese mobile phone manufacturers Xiaomi (rolling information) and Meizu for patent infringement, according to the technology information website Android headlines on November 19/ T# V3 Q3 ~+ M; |*A4 S9 n & V $C -} 6 m;
many people think that the appearance of domestic smart phones plagiarizes foreign brands.

It is reported that Microsoft and Nokia may sue Xiaomi Meizu and other Chinese mobile phones for infringement

especially the iPhone.
according to Taiwan's electronic times,
domestic mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Coolpad, Meizu, oppo and vivo may receive patent infringement notices.
4 N9 L - X5 D "h6y + F8 u6 n1 K. {6 P6 }3 _ 7 o "R report points out that this may be concerned by all parties due to the large-scale sales of Xiaomi.
Xiaomi company was founded in 2010.
now Xiaomi has become the first mobile phone manufacturer in China and the third largest in the world. Xiaomi sold 19 million mobile phones last year, and this year it may break the 60 million mark. In addition, Xiaomi plans to sell 100 million mobile phones in 2015, All these make the world's mobile phone giants worried.
therefore, they have to file a lawsuit against Chinese enterprises for patent infringement.
0} 6W + J $X & A - a} 9W8 c4 `: c" b$ |. p! JAlthough Lenovo, Huawei and ZTE may also be on the list of complaints.
but these three mobile phone companies have their own weight, they have a lot of patents, but Xiaomi and Meizu have no patents.
big companies would not pay much attention to small manufacturers.
in recent years, China's mobile phone industry has been developing rapidlyHowever, due to their great success, these large enterprises feel threatened, especially Xiaomi@! v0 q& L. R  {( kHowever, once the infringement is confirmed, they may encounter a rather thorny problem.
the patent infringement of mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi is still unknown' U9 X& ]4 i& B1 g6 |# J1} $n & S) f! K.
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