OGS panel ar antireflection effect Ag anti glare effect patent product, providing some parameters
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Aobaitong nanotechnology Co., Ltd. independently developed and produced: Ag anti glare glass (solution), AR antireflection glass (solution) AR / Ag spraying equipment 1 S6 M9 M4 o * H + P (E & B) xProfessional Ag / AR equipment and liquid medicine company provides a set of mature and complete equipment, materials and processing scheme" ^# N: j$ h' U, i7 W. L: R! UAG (anti glare) liquid product introduction:! A2 s / S; C "~ 2 vaegisil? - 626g: using the interference and scattering effect of nano particles on light, the incident light is partially scattered on the premise of little or no influence on the light transmittance, so that the light reflectivity is greatly reduced, At the same time, the product has the following characteristics: shadow elimination, anti perspiration, anti fingerprint, anti oil stain, corrosion resistance, hydrophobicity, graffiti resistance and easy cleaning.

OGS panel ar antireflection effect Ag anti glare effect patent product, providing some parameters

U5 P% T4 n. G3 u; n1 U" q. z6 Q& D7 Z/ n6 O#I / ''i0 Q3 {! Vag application field([3 C / B / K4 Y7 f mobile phone, navigator, tablet computer and other display terminals touch screen and optical glass surface treatment.
it plays the role of anti glare and anti reflection, solves the problem of reflection and glare of image screen under the environment light source, and improves the image quality.
it has the function of anti glare and anti reflection' D: Y) e& O& x2 \7 O. s" W.
e+ G5 G4 I  O/ x- `) ?  _ 7 k5 v,A1 P5 Y! E / Y & Z5 K # T% [(V (kag parameter:-R1 \ + X4 V3 R3 U)} m, the droplet angle is less than 95 ° and can maintain 8 V $J * f $C4 H5 C (n $y) for a long timeHaze: m, O6} 4, H8 @ 5] & H2 tReflectance 60 ~ 100 degrees7 {2 K-V; H) e1 D1 p'e% R spraying thickness 1 ~ 3 μ m dry film meter; L3 g. J7 J # V / K4 U "LAdhesion ﹥ 5B (hundred grid test method)0 J; n i5 J3 Z / Q / M; ` wear resistance 3000 times) J0 L: O / I8 ` IViscosity: 10 ~ 13s: G% P "{8 B (m * H C $JThe hardness is less than 6 ~ 9h%~ 5 Q7 C (M5 K% U4 Z band shadow elimination effect +} $V + ['q1 f $V,] & W0 T3_- W4 u/ h" A- h! W" e+ P$ F5 ^7 M+ U( S" w- j# y) r- ZAbt nanotechnology introduces Ag glass anti glare treatment, the world's leading technology. This technology increases the light transmittance of glass through treatment, 1] (F: P & W)? 3CAt the same time, the reflection of the glass surface is reduced, and the glass surface is smooth and delicate, which is suitable for high-end LCD, tablet computer and multimedia touch screen glass% M4 X.
v9 S! A8 X3 F2 F# @. JOur new technology is most suitable for ultra-thin glass substrate. The production and processing technology is simple, and the yield is 98%. It is a real environmental friendly material, and it does no harm to human skin,N9 V (o'n) a (P) will not corrode the equipment and pollute the environment9 m% o4 L9 n' _ : U/ cAt present, high toxic solution is used to roughen the surface of display glass and low reflection glass of touch screen.
the process efficiency and yield are low, # @ 3 E * U0 | 5 U "T. ^ - OLow light transmittance, high haze value, and even "Crystal Point" phenomenon exist, which will make the eyeball tired when staring at the screen for a long time,! D: H (N0 E5 T + V% D1 @ * D "Q2 Z4 ` affects the health of eyesight and seriously affects the viewing degree.
1 y.
c * H" J, f; | "R5 JThe Ag glass produced by our company has made an unprecedented breakthrough, reducing the crystal point to the limit so that the eyes can not feel its existence,*~ 7 t0 @'w # y.? (n) the glass surface is smoother and more delicate, which makes the application on the touch screen glass more humanized and the touch feel more comfortable.
9 [0 L &?: Q (R + | V' m- n) V9 L7 z' A3 G8 n9 c& u+ T' ?! r+ n  S+ L/ F$ g7 e& J8 K$ |3 E4 |.
g" |! b& `/ J# I! Q+ j* o5 @& Z# x0 K9 _ ' VAR (antireflection) liquid product introduction:'W2] 7 E; o0 K. n "F + P & Y (d-oaegisil? - 600r-1: using the interference of nanoparticles on light,One side coating can increase the transmittance of visible light by 2-3%,At the same time, the product has the following characteristics: shadow elimination, anti perspiration, anti fingerprint, anti oil stain, corrosion resistance, hydrophobicity, graffiti resistance and easy cleaning.
; t0 v'o.
I) m, G2 D / y4 e" v1 e% x3 v0 ]7 ~* |1 x" r* l6 F7 JAdvantages of AR glass0 C1 M4 J7 M $F1 Q1, the highest peak value of visible light transmittance is 99%, and the average visible light transmittance is more than 95%, which greatly improves the original brightness of LCD and PDP and reduces energy consumption.
_ 0 k! V' r) j.
[2. The average reflectance is less than 4%, and the minimum value is less than 0.5%, which can effectively reduce the defect of white image caused by strong light behind, and enjoy clearer image quality.
L! Y; | 1 T% B4 q! ` 0 p?3. The color is more colorful and the contrast is stronger, which makes the color contrast of the image stronger.
the scenery clearer.
the color contrast of the image is stronger7 C & P * [# N4 m "J0 n l) G0 O6 D4, anti ultraviolet.
it can effectively protect the eyes, greatly reduce the transmittance of ultraviolet spectral region, and effectively block the damage of ultraviolet to the eyes.
'h} 1? (n: v.
O5|5. High temperature resistant ar glass temperature> 500 ℃ (general acrylic can only withstand 80 ℃) * O4 X. O & T: H% R1 Y "W) J # u6. The hardness of AR glass film is equal to that of glass,The hardness of PC board is about 2H to 3H: W4 _ 3 u; A1 ` 7. It can resist all kinds of cleaning agents, acid and alkali cleaning agents9 T3 A: C "W: V4 | 5 x 't0 E0 U8, strong impact resistance, the impact property of 3mm thickness glass is equivalent to 6mm acrylic.
9 g" p.
Y8 c *] 6 Q% t9. Maintain the viewing angle. Generally, the viewing angle of acrylic will be smaller after installation, while that of AR glass will not be smaller after installation.
4 i7 X4].
L / K2 B "G6 ^ 3 L10. The surface flatness of AR glass is much better than that of coated acrylic, and the larger the size is, the more obvious the difference is.
the surface roughness of AR glass is much better than that of coated acrylic3 Q8 s / R 'J2 a "s) W11, AR glass cold and hot deformation can be almost omitted.
it is suitable for all kinds of environment; at the same time, AR glass has glass feeling, and the appearance is more beautiful. 5 a! A * Z. S9 n - R) R% Z- m. u! U9 F' ~1 @) U3 E7 g% I0 L8 E6 SAR applications7 / 8 T: d0 I * ^ 0 I "W + L is mainly used in electronic products such as LCD TV, PDP TV, portable computer, desktop computer display, high-grade instrument panel, touch screen, photo frame glass, etc., which can improve the transmittance and reduce the reflectivity~" ?( M3 m9 a0 ~0 n! b- o3 F4 @ 6 Z # ^:] & X & {+ Dar brief parameters:;} & J% {. F1 o Q0 Z "P" WSingle side spray,The transmittance is increased by more than 2%2 R # K) V6 Q% a, R: s Double-sided spraying, the transmittance increased by more than 3%+ ~# q- B9 v& l/ c& O% _ The transmission efficiency of 8 T + Q4 B8 h is over 96%*| 2 g (: G! F "V (V), hardness: 7h ~ 9h9 K9 Z0 O & D6 O / Q0 M5 BWater drop angle of 95 ° can be maintained for a long time! ^: R, ~ # [6 +? $o $g]Wear resistance ﹥ 3000 times 8 g ﹥ G1 F8 ﹥ JThe viscosity is less than 10 ~ 13s' C, @( i: A* Y( @) x# R- z' v) G+ M& v9 e  V8 c6 Y: e$ u0 \+ G  I3 |) ?6 g* B' c) m5 ~3 z0 eTel: 13352666965 (Mr. Liu)2 u$ w0 f7 I3 P  T) q, bQQ:2480998463; j4 w8 C  W4 S& q1 rEmail: 2480998463@qq.com( q* M2 j* ?" i3 X! ]0 s2 A* W7 P2 e! y$ @  l& e$ L$ z9 w% q; a' M& M5 W% D0 b+ Z- ?7 y+ AWelcome: OEM manufacturers, terminal manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, agents call to discuss cooperation; (I. W0 A & R. T / \ \ J5 P, D-M)The company provides a complete set of mature equipment, materials, construction lines, processing programs3 ]& P0 f1 ~7 Y: [' I. V# y& d; a /? 8 e 'k' x # P4 f customers are welcome to contact,Free assistance in proofing; - I V1 R / A / F + @ "Q (w * y; H" y.
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