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According to the model and quality, the price difference of outdoor P10, p12, p16 and P20 is too big. I'm not sure you can't give the price for your model. Generally, this area should be p16 screen, and the price is between 4600-5600 / m2. If it's too cheap, you don't dare to use it. It's broken after one month's installation. Who do you want to cry with/
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The brightness of outdoor full-color LED display can reach more than 10000 CD / m2.
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Our playground P6 outdoor full-color LED display is Shenzhen xincaichen technology, two years, very good..
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Generally, LED display is divided into indoor, outdoor and semi outdoor. You can use it for advertising. No matter it, outdoor and semi outdoor are waterproof and non waterproof. The brightness of outdoor is higher than that of semi outdoor. Models mainly depend on the resolution. The two most commonly used models are P10's 10000 points per flat and p16's 3906 points per flat. If you have any technical problems, please call 18674830638. Mr. Liu, qq469768148. I hope it helps you a little bit. Thank you/
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It can be used in rainy days, and the outdoor LED display is waterproof.
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Hello, I'm also a salesman. I've done both big account sales and scattered accounts. 2113 if you ask these questions, the company should have systematic training. Of course, small businesses have to rely on themselves. I first return to 5261 to answer your question: to Baidu library search is. Then I'll talk about my personal opinion in 4102. 1. Sales don't have to be very professional. After all, we are not engineers. Sales 1653 industry can be called enterprise integration. That is to say, you have to rely on the strength of various departments to help you to make a single. One person can't make a single. 2. Professional knowledge, of course, is the more the better, but remember not to put customers/
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A 10 square screen, outdoor or indoor screen, can only be regarded as a relatively small screen. The power distribution is not complicated. It depends on whether you consider the problem of capital. If not, you'd better get a standard distribution box with AC contactor, lightning arrester, time control switch, air switch, etc. It's close to the screen as far as possible. In this way, the wiring will save a lot of wires. It's better to put it right below the back of the screen if it's outdoor. It doesn't matter if it's indoor, as long as it's convenient to connect, If you want to be easy to use, you can get three air switches. That is to use 380V circuit, divided into three groups of lines, each group with more than 3 square meters
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Pediatric Q & A ~ ~ ~ ha ha
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It is suggested to find the manufacturer directly, but the same price can get better quality
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Not high..................... The main requirement is stability
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Calculation results
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Calculation results
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You have to find out what the reason is and try to improve it
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I can help you, Shenzhen Sitong Display Technology Co., Ltd
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Outdoor instruction display is used outdoors
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First: whether it is a relative business center and people distribution center, otherwise there is no advertising value.
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The environment temperature has little influence on the large screen, and the problem is easy to occur inside the large screen. If the temperature of large screen content is too high, it will damage the internal circuit, so the outdoor large LED screen will generally be equipped with exhaust fan or air conditioning, but most of the temperature needs to be paid attention to in summer, and other seasons only need to pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof and lightning protection.
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It depends on the model of your outdoor display screen. The average full-color 20 model is 250, and the maximum is 700 watts per square meter
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The possible reasons are as follows:
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[Anhui media network]
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The LED display industry has developed rapidly and formed a new stage of development. It can be divided into three stages
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From monochrome to full-color, from outdoor to indoor, combing the development history of LED display industry, we can find that substitution is always a main line of industry development.
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Two 1p or 1.5p air conditioners are required to work at the same time.
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Indoor p2-p10
Author:Wang Shengjie   Time:2021-09-26 12:24 Browse(6)
expand all
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1. Common specifications of outdoor LED display: P10, p12, P14, p16, P20 semi outdoor LED display
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The electronic screen outside the shop window belongs to outdoor advertising, while the electronic screen inside the shop window belongs to indoor advertising.
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LED full color screen belongs to a kind of LED display screen.
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The power consumption is large and the price is high.
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The market is very big. Nowadays, display screens are used in city squares and infrastructure construction. There are many manufacturers in Shenzhen. Many enterprises are involved in this area to share the cake
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Nowadays, the industry with the most application of LED display screen is the field of advertising media, especially outdoor advertising media. What process approval does outdoor LED full-color display screen need to go through when it is installed outdoors? In order to normally launch outdoor full-color LED display advertising, Star color outdoor manufacturers make the following detailed analysis for you.
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We should choose different ways of advertising according to different industries.
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There is one over here
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First, check whether the power cord is in close contact. If all aspects are normal, it may be the problem of LED lamp chip, which can be aged for a long time. Then, if the color deviation is stable, it can be considered to do "point by point correction".
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If you want to invest offline, you can try UAD to share large screen. There are many resources. High quality large screen will be a little more expensive, but ordinary investment is very cost-effective. There is no unified price. It is suggested to invest on the platform to save worry
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Outdoor binding is also customized according to the situation, like the conventional binding, the size is 15, 20
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If you want to buy this led display,
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Check whether the power supply is damaged. From what you said, the screen is falsely bright, but it is unlikely,
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Cars are more suitable.
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The brightness of the display screen can be directly measured by the instrument or calculated by the theoretical algorithm. If the instrument is used for measurement, the name of the instrument is called brightness tester, as the saying goes, "light gun". I'm using BM-7 now. If you want to use the display screen directly to the sun, in theory, the brightness of your display screen should reach about 2000cd / m2 (full-color, 8000CD / m2, because the brightness ratio of red, green and blue is 3:6:1, so red needs about 2400cd / m2). However, it is not recommended to install the display screen directly to the sun, which is unscientific.
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Chengdu I really don't know where to recycle LED outdoor large screen. I know Shandong Zibo has a professional recycling team. If your screen is relatively new, you can find a manufacturer in Shenzhen to recycle it. If it is relatively old, you can sell it to Zibo, Shandong. Or if you go to the dealers in Sichuan for recycling, the price may not be ideal. It may be better to go to the business manager in Sichuan for making large LED screens. It's easier to get a 200 or so rebate from no one. The premise is that the business manager you choose must be strong, so the recycling efficiency is high.
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In addition to the display screen, to see if you need sound, you need to add audio. There are also some special requirements, such as real-time temperature and humidity monitoring, which need to add some probes. In addition, when the large screen area is relatively large, the video processor also needs to be added, and so on. The details also depend on the required functions and requirements.
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After the exhibition, the promotion effect is not obvious, which means that it brings less income. This is inevitable. As long as we do this, we have to take such risks. This may be caused by geographical location, or the flow of people, traffic and so on. However, the details can be consulted by eagle eye. After all, it has this experience.
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Focus technology, I heard that it's not bad. There are many displays in Zhuhai.
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You only provide one size, p16 outdoor full color quotation 9700 yuan / m2. If you can provide specific details, the quotation will be more accurate
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LED display with wire, generally not practical with leakage protector air switch, otherwise it will jump, switch power leakage
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Did you make the LED screen?
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Now we usually choose between P10 and p16, and choose p16 when the screen is more than 80 square meters
Author:Li Ziyan   Time:2021-09-25 09:56 Browse(859)